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How to Get 100% FREE Cellphone and Internet Services For $0 Monthly for Life!

Updated on January 22, 2019
Dwight GolidayJr profile image

Dwight the Blogger aka 2Phonez is a prolific videographer with videos up on his Youtube channel about all aspects of technology.

This may be nothing new for most people around the world and country. For the most part, there are millions of people if not a billion either own free phone plans or are on one right now. Sure the Governments do offer free phones and plans for those on assistance or on disabilities or even the unemployed. But for the government, you need a major excuse to get free phone services and assistance. Well for quite some time I've come across a few major tech companies and mobile carriers that will offer not just free phone services but also free internet and even free phones and portable mobile-hotspots! Yes, all of this can and should be free for people that need it fast or just want to have that second line or extra carrier as a backup. The 3 major carriers and mobile companies I discovered and came across are reliable. These would be Google, Microsoft, Facebook, T-MOBILE, FreedomPop, TextNow Wireless, and now the newcomer, FreeUP Mobile. Which most if not all should be familiar with. So these next few minutes will discuss each and how is this all possible. Let's start with FreeUP Mobile.

Free To Roam


About FreeUp Mobile

FreeUp Mobile is the new cat on the block. They are run by the founders of Tracfone and SIMPLE mobile.

Their purpose is to offer customers and consumers the best affordable cellphone service out there. In 2018, they release a new free cellphone plan. The FreeUP Mobile is using the Cellular Network of At&t which covers just about all of the USA. Just recently the company decided to update their free plan. This plan includes 1000 minutes of talk time or text. This plan also will allow you to connect to over 4 million WiFi hotspots in the US as well. If the free calls and texts amount isn't enough for you in a month, they do offer add-on data as well. How you add on data, you can use the FreeUP Rewards app and program by taking surveys, downloading apps and watching ads. You can earn over $3 a week in rewards credits or points and use that to add-on data. But with FreeUP Mobile, you won't have to pay a dime, ever.

If you want to get their free cellphone service, you can use my link below and we both will earn $1 each month in credits for free. Check out FreeUP mobile if you don't want to pay ever again for a cellphone plan.

100% Free Cell Phone Service 2019



FreedomPop is possibly the #1 cell phone provider in the US that offers anybody and everybody 100% free cell phone service. This company doesn't ask you for your social security number or ask for a credit check. All you have to do is order a cell phone from their website or buy a sim card from online or participating retail stores (Target, BestBuy, Amazon, NewEgg). Having options is the key. This what makes Freedompop stand out from the rest of the other guys. Now for which networks and plans do they provide, this is important roll and key to the consumer.

There free plans and basic plans comes with a difference. FreedomPop uses both CDMA and GSM networks. They are partnered with Sprint and At&t. The amount of service free is also impacted by the consumer purchase making.

CDMA users:

For the consumers that order a phone from FreedomPop with the CDMA Networks, they will get 500minutes, 500texts, and 500MB of LTE data all for the price of nothing each month. There is no voicemail included, no MMS, and no Data rollover. This will all cost extra.

GSM users:

For the GSM users on the At&t BYOP sim, your amount of service includes 200MB of data, 200 minutes, and 500texts. There is also no voicemail, no MMS, and no Data rollover included with the free cell phone service.

You will have to use the FreedomPop messaging app to call and text from.

One awesome feature for using the app:

One cool thing for FreedomPop customers and users to remember is its still free Mobile to mobile. FreedomPop members can call and text each other 100% Free! So if you have the whole family using the Freedompop messaging app, the calls and texts rate charges wont apply. This is a key missing feature that even the bigger prepaid cell phone providers dont even include in their minute plans anymore.

This is pretty much it what you will get in the Free Cell Phone service from FreedomPop. For those that are wondering what devices will work on FreedomPop free plans, Android and iPhones will most likely work well with their services. For more information, you can follow Freedompop on all social media networks and head on over to their official website.

Dont Be Afraid of Your Phone Bill.
Dont Be Afraid of Your Phone Bill. | Source

TextNow Now Offers Free Calls and Texts over WiFi Only

One more that is truly free service (if you live and love using WiFi only) is Textnow. TextNow out as a free calling and texting app via WiFi Data for free for years! This was one of my first apps I used on iPod touch and made my device feel like an iPhone without the carrier. You are free to talk and text wherever there was WiFi available! No monthly bills! No cost! No overages. No fees. There free unlimited calls and text service also have a monthly to a yearly subscription where you can keep the number active for a small fee from $0.99/monthly to $29.99/yearly. Before you could get points and credit for international minutes and text. That's still around if you have to travel out the states. The best part is the company stays on top of the apps and updates just about weekly. So any problems they jump right on the case. TextNow does offer wireless service tho just like anyone else and offers CDMA and GSM network with all plans falling back on WiFi and unlimited 2g data. Once your LTE usage is out. 2G data is good on gaming, video chats, and messenger apps. 2g speeds really aren't meant for video and audio streaming. But if you have Android devices that have a lot of memory and storage then streaming would be the last of your worries. For music, you can use your standard FM radio included in most Android phone or another alternative app like NextRadio which won't use your data at all for listening to music on any device with an activated FM radio chip like Moto G5 Plus and some other devices. So you can jam out no matter if you are on data or wifi or have no service at all. But the starting price for Textnow paid service is $9.99/monthly and you can even order their carrier phones for low as $37.99! There are phones now $27.99! You can even bring your own device to TextNow. TextNow gives you plenty of options for saving money and earning free cash to pay for the service. You can refer people, do special offers, and earn credits and even post on social networks about Textnow and earn that way. Just by signing up you can earn $20 in credit. TextNow also posts special offers on social media via Twitter and Facebook for giveaways and contests as well. If you are interested in winning free phones and phone service with them, I recommend following them on social media. They even allow you to pay with Gift cards! So Textnow service is very versatile when it comes to paying for plan or making the service free for you whether it's on WiFi or cellular data. If you want to know more about TextNow Wireless their link is below and also a video playlist on the latest updates and how to use and sign up.

TextNow Calling and Messaging App (Android and iOS)

TextNow Wireless Free Unlimited Data Phone Plan Til 2019!

TextNow Review Video

Google Fi

Google's Own Cellphone Service Google Fi

Google even has its own cellphone service as well. Its called Google Project Fi. But, before Project Fi, there was the infamous Google Voice. Google Voice is still around. This was another way of having a free phone number at home, in the office or just on the go. Google Voice allows you to text unlimited for Free via smartphones and even desktop PCs and laptops. You also get voicemail and SMS (when merged into Google Hangouts app) unlimited and free. You are able to make and receive calls using the Google Hangouts Dialer app. It was once a dead duck, but it made a comeback now. So Project Fi basically is the paid version of that, except with full cell phone service including cellular data. How Project Fi works, is that it depends on 3 cellular networks (Sprint, US Cellular, and T-Mobile) and open Wi-Fi Hotspots to get you the coverage you need. The phones that work on Project Fi Network are Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and Moto X4. These are the only phones that will benefit from the network switching ability and Wi-Fi Assistant features. The Moto X4 smartphone is the first phone on Google's Project Fi that allowed to work properly on its service. Other phones like Samsung and iPhones won't work properly, unfortunately. So, if you were expecting to use Google Fi on other phones, not from Project Fi or Google Store, you might want to look at the other services that are available and work 100% with the device you already have.

Now, you may want to know how can you get project fi for Free? Its simple, you sign up first via a referral code like the one shown below. Try the service out for yourself. No contracts or hidden fees. Each customer has their own referral code. Every person you sign up for the service each person gets $20 in credit for the first 30 days of activation on the plan. So if you have 10 family and friends. That is $200 for credits. Which is enough for a year of service.

Google Voice App Images Messages and Vociemail


Google Hangouts for Android and iOS


Unlimited Chats For Everyone With a One-Time Cost


Chat chat chat

Here, the bonus service and carrier for you all. A lot of people in the USA might not know of this company and their purpose, but they are well-known around the world. This company offers their sim actually for FREE! But you pay to have use of any chatapp to be unlimited texting for the low price of $15 for one year! Yes! This is actually a plan now. Unlimted texting and instant messaging for a whole year for $15! There are a lot of people out there in the world that don't do much talking. So whats the point of paying for something you don't use? It's a new age in which we all live in now. Today's kids don't call using their phones. Neither does the teens or even young adults. Most of the today's generation of people use IM or chatapps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Which are by far the most popular and free ways to call and text family and friends from all over the world! There are millions to billions of users monthly using these apps and other apps such as Line and Viber. These apps I just mentioned are part of the Chatsim service. (Look at the image above.) This service will allow you to use these apps just for IM and texting. Some of these apps already have built-in external browsers and SMS and MMS features. The downside to a service like this that you won't be able to use Youtube, Netflix or browsers or your Gmail apps unless you have Wi-Fi data. Which nowadays isn't hard to find at all with apps like Wi-Fi Maps and WiMan. Some apps already have an "Auto-Connect" feature to help you stay connected. But if you have links and videos already downloaded onto your device, these are able to view without an internet connection.

Additional Add-Ons

Chatsim service does have additional plans where you can add on calls, videos, and images to the plan. You can add credits for the cost of $7 up to $37. In all depending on what you need the price yearly is about $22-$52. This isn't bad at all compared to what most people are paying today just for using only calls and texting MONTHLY! So, in this case, this is a major win for the consumers who don't want to pay on a month to month basis and don't want to have to worry about paying a phone bill all the time. Just pay for what you want or need. May I add again there is also open Wi-Fi in most areas and even streets. There is no excuse why there would be millions on billions without some type of internet service or connection unless you truly live in an area where there are no electronics allowed whatsoever. If you just need to stay connected to family and friends and have teens and kids and want to chat up some just to keep in touch, then Chatsim is a great affordable option. It is highly recommended today.

Check Out the Full Review of Chatsim


Free Tone by TextMe Inc.

TextMe Inc is underrated for their Free Wi-Fi Only Plans for free calls and texts! Their app Free Tone gives you a US or Canada number for free. You can call and text anyone within North America 100% Free for mobile or landlines. They are true to their word. They have one of the best apps for calls over Wifi. They are a VOIP company. So dont expect to make 911 calls. You get voicemails, video calls, gifs, stickers and much more! Free Tone app is also close to Google's stock dialer or iPhone's stock dialer as well. For your chats they have a Facebook Messeneger feature called chat heads. There is one major feature that all the other calling and texting apps are lacking with, free WiFi Hotspots! The app allows you to enable an auto-connect WiFi feature that will allow your mobile device to connect to open WiFi in the area within the Free Tone application. From just this alone makes it a note-worthy call and text app that you can use over WiFi networks and its all FREE! Go download this app now from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Free Tone App Full Review 2018: An app that gives you free unlimited calls, texts and internet

Whoa! | Source


I know you looking at this above subject line of WiFi data? Yes. In most cases, WiFi is considered data to most. Some people don't want to spend so much money on data that they don't use and there are others who are always around WiFi. So in both situations, this is considered a form of mobile data. People really should be glad there is Wifi available to the world. Ever went a day without wifi and then cell towers were down or the area which you lived a network like T-Mobile or Sprint or At&t had no service? This is perfect for any one device to fall back on WiFi data! So you can keep in touch with close family and friends no matter the situation. Most carriers have auto connect to wifi hotspots such as At&t, FreedomPop, Google Fi, and TextNow Wireless. Just to name a few carriers that allow this feature automatically so you stay connected to a network no matter what. This feature is free of charge and this data is also free of charge! Another way of staying connected to Wifi is having your Wifi settings left on at all times so you can get an alert when there is wifi nearby! This is very important for those users on a limited data plan and don't have 2g data to fall back on once high-speed LTE data is used up.

There are also applications in the mobile app stores that can help and assistant even further with finding free wifi data and connecting users to the open free wifi data around the world! The top apps I have tested and even reviewed on my youtube channel are called "Wi-Fi Maps", "WiMan", and Google's own app called "Datally". Wi-Fi Maps apps are available on Android and iOS while WiMan is only available for Android and only on Android is also Google Datally. These apps are 100% Free to download and no in-app purchases. I highly recommend these apps if you are a consumer of a data budget plan and don't want to spend lots of money on a phone plan. These are some very useful apps while traveling too. Please check them out. A lot of people don't realize how valuable free wifi data is til a disaster strike or no signal is available. Just want people to rethink their priorities in life sometimes too. There is also a video below discussing the apps and how to connect to free wifi anywhere in the world. Take a look and leave any comments and questions if you have any concerns at all of how all of this actually works!

Which Carrier Have You Ever Tried That Offered Free Services?

See results
Oh My God
Oh My God | Source

The Wrap-UP

There you have it. Free phone plans and internet for all. No need to have your credit to be checked no hidden fees. No down payment. No government aid funded or having an excuse to why you need free service. Because it's all free! Stop paying for things that are already offered free in the first place. People really don't need unlimited data. Apple and Google products are advanced to at a point you really don't data. Music is free, radio is free, movies are also free. Calls and Texts have always been free. So why are people afraid to cut the phone bill? Don't be afraid. End the worries and stress. No time cry over not paying phone bill on time because phone and internet are free! Time to break free! Set Yourself Free.

Do you think phone and internet around the world should be free? Why are you all still paying for service from the major carriers? Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks

Bonus Notes

Now for the bonus tips and tricks. Not sure this should be a separate article or not. But there are additional apps that can help extend the free data and internet that is available and help find wifi. The apps are called Google Datally, Ultra Data Saving Opera Max App, DataEye, and Protect VPN + Data Manager App which most are found in the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. These apps block apps from using data and also can compress apps while in streaming mode for images and videos to use less bandwidth. They also can stop apps all at once from not using any data. These apps also can notify users when Wi-Fi is nearby to connect and some will automatically connect you to the best connections. I also have some videos below discuss how all this work in detail. These apps are free to download right now. I definitely recommend each of these apps so you won't ever have to pay for the internet, data, wifi, calls and text every again!

Google Datally (Google Play Store Only)

Ultra Data Saving Samsung Max (Google Play Store Only)

DataEye (Google Play and Apple App Store)

Protect- VPN+Data Manager (Google Play and Apple App Store)

5 stars for TextNow

100% Free Cell Phone Services Compared 2019

© 2017 Dwight Goliday Jr


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      Please i install Samsung max app but each time i get it connected all my connections ceased. What's responsible.


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