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How To Get Free Cell Phone Service

Updated on September 29, 2011
Get Free Cell Phone Minutes
Get Free Cell Phone Minutes | Source

How to get free cell phone service. What most people do not know is that free cell phone minutes have been around for a few years now. If you meet certain income guidelines or are a participant in certain federal programs like food stamps, ssi, and medicaid you may qualify for government subsidized cell phone service.

The government has been subsidizing phone service for many years. If meet the requirements then your phone bill is paid for by fees that are included on others bills. This service is most commonly known as Life Line. Life Line became enhanced in 2005 to include cell phones. Programs like TracFone's Safelink started handing out phones in 2008. Most users refer to this program has "Obama Phone". The thing to remember is that it was George Bush who made this service an option. It was just that President Obama was the one in office when it became popular.

If you are looking for a free cell phone then stick to Tracfone's Safelink, Sprint's Assurance Wireless, and Nexus Communicaiton's Reachout Wireless. There are other programs offered by AT&T but they are only discounted cell phones not free. Safelink might be the most widely used program followed by Assurance Wireless. These phones are just basic cell phones. Most of them are easy to use and will serve the purpose that they are provided for.

Free Cell Phone Minutes

So you have a prepaid cell phone and need minutes. Nothing worse than trying to make a phone call and being cut off in the middle. It sucks and can make someone think that you have hung up on them. There is a solution to this and its 100% free.

Free cell phone minutes are available through Embee Mobile. Now I know what you are probably thinking. What is the catch? What do I have to do?.

There is no catch. But, you do have to do something for free cell phone minutes. Even though its still pretty easy. You need to complete surveys and offers. You then earn Embee Minutes. That you can in turn cash in for a prepaid cell phone card.

Embee just recently announced that they are now working with AT&T contract phones. What this means is that you can use their service to pay your bill. So, if you have AT&T then you can use Embee free of charge for you prepaid cell phones or contract phones.

Completing offers and taking surveys is a great way to get free cell phone service. It is easy and free. I have personally used this service for the last few years. I have a prepaid verizon phone and have not personally paid for minutes since I joined. That is what has driven me to tell others. I enjoy free minutes and feel that everyone should.

I love having free minutes for my phone and I am sure you will to. If you want to get started with free minutes then just follow the link to Embee Mobile. Also if you are receiving government assistance then you should look into Safelink or another free mobile phone service. With the programs available everyone in the United States will have a cell phone.


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    • gvannorman150 profile image

      gvannorman150 6 years ago from Newark, New York

      I personally have never used virgin mobile. But at the time I used prepaid Verizon and never had an issue. Did you try contacting support because they always seem nice to me.

    • profile image

      Jon 6 years ago

      Good luck actually getting your points or redeeming them successfully. Their system does not work very well for Virgin Mobile top ups.