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How To Get Readers To Promote Your Blog For Free

Updated on May 25, 2014

One of the biggest challenges facing any blogger is gaining readers and in fact many writer's stop blogging because they aren't getting the numbers they want.

Advertising can be expensive, so it's important to use every opportunity you have. These following techniques will enable your current readers to do advertising for you and for free!

Give Readers Something Worth Sharing

The first step of course is making sure your content is worth sharing in the first place. Your readers will not want to share a post that is full of personal grumbles and useless information.

Make sure your writing is easy to understand and either informative, inspiring or entertaining. Put yourself in your reader's shoes...would they be interested in the local gossip or in something that could save them time, money and effort? Look at the blogs you like to read and identify what it is you like about them. If there are other people's posts you share, ask yourself 'why?'.


Add Grab Buttons To Your Blog Sidebar

Grab buttons are popular in the blogosphere. They are simple adverts for your own blog followed by a box with code for your readers to copy and paste into their own sidebar. A simple and easy way to let them advertise you!

To create your own grab button, make an advert for your blog. The most popular sizes are 300x100 pixels, 150x150 pixels and 125x125 pixels. Make the image as good as you can~ people won't want to place anything that looks messy or ugly on their website!

Copy the code below and replace the URL's with your own. Paste it into an HTML gadget in your sidebar and test it. If you have any problems just ask below!

Grab Button Code

<div align="center">

<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="YOUR BLOG NAME" src="http://www.YOUR_IMAGE_URL" /></a> </div>

<div align="center">


<textarea cols="20" rows="6">&lt;center&gt;&lt;a href="" target="_blank"&gt;&lt;img alt="YOUR BLOG NAME" src="http://www.YOUR_IMAGE_URL"/&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/center&gt;</textarea></form>


Add Social Buttons To Your Blog

There are two types of social buttons on blogs and it's a good idea to use both!

  1. Buttons on each post for readers to share on social networks. If someone likes your post they will want to share it immediately. So it's a good idea to have easy to use buttons at the end of every post. How you add these depends on your blogging platform, but there are numerous Wordpress plugins and blogger has a built in option (see below). Another popular choice is to use ShareThis. Most of these buttons include one to email your post link to their friends too, which can be very useful.
  2. Buttons linking to your profiles on various social networks. Now these buttons lead people to where you hang out and can show them where to follow you. This is a good idea as it will let them get to know and keep up to date with your latest adventures. Make some buttons in style with your blogs template and place them high up on your sidebar.

Go to Layout and click 'edit' in the 'Blog Posts' section and a window will appear. Click 'Show Share Buttons' and save.
Go to Layout and click 'edit' in the 'Blog Posts' section and a window will appear. Click 'Show Share Buttons' and save. | Source

Let Your Readers Embed Your RSS Feed

Now if you have an RSS feed (all blogs do) there's nothing to stop anyone adding it to their own website. But many people do not know about this little trick, so it might be worth telling them about it.

The best way would be to add a button on your sidebar saying something like "Add Free Content To Your Site" and linking it to a separate page on your blog, telling people just how and why they should.

By including your feed on their website or blog, their readers will have instant access to your posts. It is a quick and easy way for website owners to add constant, relative information to their site with no upkeep. This makes their site more interesting and 'fuller', so it's a win-win situation.


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