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How To Get Windows 7 For Cheap

Updated on July 18, 2009


Without a doubt, Windows Vista, is a big failure in almost anyone's book, especially Microsoft's. Due to the large amounts of low ratings to Vista, Microsoft was forced to pump out a new operating system quickly, to replace Vista and try and repare its garnished reputation.

Microsoft came up with a new operating system, Windows 7, an OS that performs a lot like Vista's predecessor, Windows XP, but looks even more beautiful than Vista's UI.

Microsoft has been giving away the beta version and the RC (Release Candidate) to the public for free of charge.The RC version is very functional, and it has gotten very high ratings from critics everywhere.

The following are two ways to leave Vista behind for good while not spending a fortune. In fact you can upgrade to the premium version for about $120.

1. Free

Here's how you could get Windows 7 for free.

Like I mentioned earlier the RC (Release Candidate) version is a very functional version, in which the actual released version (which comes out this October) will be very similar to it.

First go to:

Follow the simple instructions on the site. You'll download the OS onto your PC, then burn it onto a DVD. Put the DVD into the PC you want Windows 7 in, and follow the instructions. Windows 7 needs a serial number which will be given to you on Microsoft's site when you initially download Windows 7 RC.

This version of Windows 7 will only last you until March 2010, and after that it'll start to slowly shut down on you until June 2010, where they'll bug you about buying the retail version for 3 months in a row.

2. $120

If you are already a Vista user, in which you are very likely to be, go ahead and purchase Windows 7 from Amazon now for about $120.

Simply click on the link on the right, and when Windows 7 is released they'll ship you a CD with Windows 7 on it. This CD will only install on a PC that already has Vista on it, so you can't install this on a PC with Windows XP installed on it.

The reason why this is so cheap, is because Microsoft feels bad for selling you a crappy OS in VIsta.


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    • profile image

      Joe Poku 6 years ago

      When is the new OS after windows7 seven going to be released ? Yours Joe Poku.

    • Jenny30 profile image

      Jennifer 8 years ago from Canada

      Enjoyed your hub! I found the information very useful!