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How To Handle Negative Behavior On Social Sites

Updated on March 4, 2012

Millions of people everyday use Social Network Sites and with socialization comes oddities that happen while visiting or networking. Gossip, back biting, bullying, all types of child-like antics happen everyday on the Internet. People with vendettas over an article or a person attack people like the black plague, slithering in and out looking for their prey. Many of us overlook the issues at hand after all it is the Internet; but others end up being sucked in to a dark tunnel, trying endlessly to find there way out.

So how do we handle etiquette on the Internet? Do we continue to allow people to bully, taunt or defame our character? How do we handle the everyday stress of someone making us feel like we are just a speckle of dust, while the other person dangles strings like a puppeteer?

We should not ever fear people on the Internet. They cannot control our actions or thoughts. We have our own minds and can easily block them out of our lives in a click of a button.

Social sites are for networking. We should never place all of our colorful eggs into one Easter basket. Placing your eggs into one basket could stagnate what you are trying to achieve, so spread them around and share them with others.

Never take an allegiance to hover in on place. Interact with others and share your worth. Be open-minded and enjoy the space where you are most comfortable. Bullying is not acceptable, nor is stalking or harassing another person. Treat others the way you would wish to be treated while participating on Internet. Be constructive and place your opinions in a positive way, you don't have to directly shove a person in the corner to get their attention.

Everyone's opinions count and every person that walks this Earth has a heart, soul and mind, so tread lightly on their feelings. Are you a person who is an optimist or pessimist? If you are an optimist it is easy to always find good in someone; but if you are a pessimist then life can be a little more complicated. If everything in your life weighs you down, try networking with those who are positive. Networking with positive people and environments on social network sites can give you a warm and inviting feeling so you are not drained when you are trying to achieve a goal.

Do you really have a vendetta with a person on the world wide web? Or is it just a way to vent because you are not getting the attention you are lacking in the real world? If you are lacking happiness in the real world. Your life can be miserable on the Internet. Yes you may disagree with someone's opinions but seriously, always being negative is going to eventually take its toll on your Internet buddies and then you find that you are completely ignored. If things get under your skin ignore it. Holding on to something that you cannot fix causes more stress for yourself, than it does for those around you.

Sending malicious e-mails with negative intent or writing something deragatory about another person only makes an arse out of you. People can track ip addresses and report malicious activity. Writing about someone to just get it off of your chest really makes you look childish and not professional. Is throwing darts at a person really necessary? The best thing to do is get up off your duff and step away from the computer, report it to the proper authorities if you believe it is getting out of hand. Talk to people on the Internet you can confide in and will not blast your business all over the Internet. But being malicious is not necessary. All of us can get along if we work together as one.

Share your thoughts and ideas and do not believe that anything you are asking on a social network is bad. You are an individual and there are no right or wrong questions or posts for that matter. If you do not like how something is being handled, address it in a positive way. Slinging mud will only cause conflict and chaos which is unnecessary.

Social sites are meant for us to interact with others and meet new friends we would not otherwise have met in person. It is all about give and take so treat others the way you wish to be treated.


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