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How To Increase Your Marketing Success With Craigslists Advertising

Updated on May 17, 2013

Craigslist is definitely the number one advertising platform for businesses across the United States of America. But while some businesses are making massive profits and ROI using Craigslist, others are still stuck and scratching their temples wondering what they are not doing right.

Here are a few tips that can help triple your profits and increase your ROI by using Craigslist:

The frequency with which you place your ads in Craigslist determines your success or failure of your marketing campaign. Post at least two different/unique ads every day.
The frequency with which you place your ads in Craigslist determines your success or failure of your marketing campaign. Post at least two different/unique ads every day. | Source

Craigslist Optimization Tweaks and Tricks

  • Optimize your title

The title is the first part that customers see when they search for particular results on Craigslist. You therefor need to spend some time on the title to make it appealing enough for customers to want to click on it. The wording of your title needs to stand out from your competitors’ titles, but how do you exactly accomplish this

  1. Use capital letters
  2. Use attention-grabbing words such as DEAL, PROFIT, DISCOUNT
  3. Include symbols in your title
  • Add your websites or blog address

The message in the ad in itself may not be enough to draw your lead to make an order. Provide your customers with an address that will provide more information about your product and your business. If you do not have a blog already, consider starting one for your business. It will improve your ROI when used effectively in your Craigslist advertising campaign.

  • Post at least two different ads every day

The frequency with which you place your ads in Craigslist determines your success or failure of your marketing campaign. Post at least two different/unique ads every day.

  • Use Photos and Images in your Craigslist ads

Compliment your text ads with a good image. Images are winners when it comes to advertising. If possible, make the images on your ads clickable.

  • Consider Hiring an Expert

To free up your time and resources, and maximize your Craigslist marketing campaign, consider hiring a full time Craigslist Marketing manager to do the marketing for you.

Using Craigslist To Drive Sales

Have you ever wished that your business had a regular marketing campaign running but you found yourself constrained by lack of marketing funds? Maybe you have tried to explore many marketing channels but they shock you with their exorbitant costs, and you sulked away with fear.

By choosing an affordable marketing campaign, your business stands to benefit from

  • More profits ploughed back to the business
  • A larger consumer reach. Since many businesses advertise on the affordable platform, more customers will be looking for products on the cheaper platform
  • With an affordable marketing platform, you can run multiple campaigns almost concurrently without straining your business

Despite the many advantages offered by affordable marketing platforms, bumping across affordable marketing campaigns is not easy. Many businesses are pouring their profits running expensive marketing campaigns and wishing there was another simpler and effective way of advertising their products. Well guess what, there is an absolutely free marketing campaign that you can use to grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Craigslist is the answer to many small, medium, and large-scale businesses that are looking for not only a cheap advertising campaign, but also a highly effective way to advertise their products.

Craigslist is affordable both in the monetary costs (posting in many categories is free) involved and in the simplicity it offers to web marketers. You can have your advertising campaign up and running in Craigslist within a couple of minutes.

For businesses wishing to free more of their human resources, hiring affordable Craigslist expert to design and propagate your marketing campaign becomes an even more attractive reason why they choose Craigslist.

If your business enterprise is looking for an affordable and highly effective means of promoting itself, Craigslist remains your best option. Experts in our team will help you design and run your first Craigslist campaign at affordable costs.


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    • mahingepatrick profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Nairobi

      I have personally witnessed Craigslist build my freelance client list from a meagre neighborhood buddies to a worldwide audience. If used correctly, it can drive your sales in an unimaginable way. The problem comes when scammers hijack such a site with all its best intetions.

    • Francesca27 profile image


      5 years ago from Hub Page

      Thanks, I needed this information.


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