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How To Increase Your Total Number of YouTube Views

Updated on July 27, 2012

We all want the most exposure to our creations regardless of what they may be. In this article I want to share my experiences of how to increase exposure to your YouTube creations and get you the views that your work deserves! I will cover some of the basics and some tips and tricks I have picked up from 5 years + experience of using the website. I hope you will enjoy the tips and can pick up some things you may have not known before.

1 - Correctly Titled Videos

We all know that people like to use capitals for their video titles and use eye catching thumbnails and screen shots to catch our attention, and regardless if it is annoying it works! When it comes to naming a video make sure that the title describes the entirety of the content but keep it short and snappy, something that will stick in peoples minds for them to tell their friends about! whatever you do DO NOT falsely title your videos this will mislead people and leave them disappointed, more than likely resulting in a "Dislike" and could lead to someone flagging your video, which could lead to a strike or the video being removed.

2 - Social Networking

I'm pretty sure if you are reading this you have a Facebook or Twitter account, if not get signed up! Social networking is one of the best ways to present your material to your contents targeted demographic allowing feedback to be left, and gains your content more and often new exposure from people that might not have searched for your videos otherwise. You can do this by tweeting each one of your videos, setting up your Twitter account to let people know what YouTube videos you have liked etc.

3 - Interact With The "Community"

YouTube is split up to into different categories that are available to view from the homepage. Each section has the top rated, viewed and favourite videos listed in this category and these are often all spilt up into sub communities of YouTubers that interact with each other on a regular basis and become on line friends. Getting in contact with people that have videos at the top of each section is a hard task, interact with videos, leave comments and talk to people in the comments, this will lead people to check out your content and who knows you might be able to make a few friends along the way!

4 - Quality of Your Content

Possibly one of the worst mistakes you can make to leave a bad impression on a viewer is to upload bad video and audio quality videos. Each video that you post should be your best efforts, if you put your heart and soul into each video it's only a matter of time before people stumble across your passion for your topics and can relate to a genuine person! Use well lit areas, simple but effective editing and most of all be yourself. I recommend that if your are doing irl videos (in real life) that you use a good quality digital camera, or DSLR that can record in HD.

5 - Professionalism

Making videos for YouTube can be VERY time consuming and become a burden if you haven't got a set amount of time to work on your content. Try to upload videos on a regular basis, let your subscribers know the days that you post or inform them of any periods of time where you may not be able to post content. Most of all act as professional as possible, don't get into argument's with people that leave negative comments, interact with viewers as much as possible. I would suggest that if you have some spare time to make more than one video that you make as many as you can without producing poor quality stuff, this will allow you to upload the video at a later date and take some of the stress off you to try and rush the creative process.

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