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How To Use The Best Website Design Software For Beginners - Making Your Own Website With Joomla

Updated on July 21, 2014

For Techies Only - Most laptops have no problem with downloads. - Technical Installation Requirements For Joomla 3.1


PHP (Magic Quotes GPC off) Recommended 5.3.1 + Minimum 5.3.1 +

Supported Databases:

MySQL (InnoDB support required) Recommended 5.1 + Minimum 5.1 +

MSSQL Recommended 10.50.1600.1+ Minimum 10.50.1600.1+

PostgreSQL Recommended 8.3.18 + Minimum 8.3.18 +

Supported Web Servers:

Apache (with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib) Recommended 2.x + Minimum 2.x +

Nginx Recommended 1.1 Minimum 1.0

Microsoft IIS Recommended 7 Minimum 7

Making A Website With Joomla

What is Joomla? Joomla is a free easy to use CMS (content management system) to build your own website. Many believe Joomla is the best website software for beginners.The user friendly usability and extensible is what makes Joomla software as popular as it is today.

I for one have always found building a website intimidating. Where was Joomla when I began? I will however forge onward and learn this software because I will be kissing the free website good by very soon. Having your own website leaves you in full control and rank better in the search engines.

What I like most about Joomla....

The Joomla software is free to install and once you understand how it works you will be able to make websites as small, large or as intricate as you like with no problems.

  • Push button program.
  • No codes to learn.
  • Unlimited theme options

Joomla has many more themes and plug-ins than the software I've been using up until now. What is so special about Joomla websites is that they are easier to update pages at one time or individually with Joomla Module Positioning. The link goes to a video that can help you appreciate how easy it can be to change a problem webpage or web section on your own.

Joomla tutorials to making websites can be found all over the web and there are many like myself have attempted to place the important aspects of using Joomla in an article or blog. Rather you are building a website for the first time or you are experienced but have never use Joomla; hopefully you will walk away more knowledgeable after reading this hub and connecting Joomla tutorial videos.

Make Your Own Website With Endless Possibilities

Joomla Demo

Joomla is used by first downloading software onto your computer although you can go to the Demo Joomla website and download Joomla to first practice while learning.

You can use the Joomla Demo website to explore all of the capabilities on the front end and back end of the program. There is nothing you can do wrong while testing the demo because the program is updated everyday.

The way you use Joomla to make your website is up to you. The many plug ins make the possibilities endless and exciting.

How To Install Joomla Before Making Your Own Website

Many hosting services such as offers a simple one-click installation, basically all you need is a Web server with PHP and MySQL (At the Joomla website there is a Demo Joomla Website you can download onto your computer without having to install the software). Here is another hub with more detail of how to install Joomla to a FTP client.

Below is a video to further help you install Joomla to your computer after you have your hosting in order. It is best to look at if first then follow direction from another window while you are actually going through the installation process.

How To Install Joomla Tutorial

Make Your Own Website With A CMS System That Will Allow You To Grow

Where Have I Seen Joomla Websites?

You have seen Joomla websites all over in companies like:

  • Barnes and Noble
  • eBay
  • Ikea
  • Pizza Hut
  • GE

Joomla websites are easy to grow with any size and type of business no matter how small or large. They have over 9,000 Joomla extensions and growing to keep versatility a non issue.

Why Make Your Own Website With Joomla?

Many people already in the webdesign business and new to the webdesign business have it in their best interest to learn how to build the hottest growing Content Management System. There are students, club members and business owners that want to learn how to build their professional website and be able to expand and update pages with ease.

With web building businesses and online websites growing every second it is no wonder a more a fun and user friendly CMS came about. Joomla CMS is what was missing for many. People want easy user friendly control over their own website and less expense to developers. While developers want to be able to grow their clients websites as their business grows with ease.

Joomla CMS is amazing and has grown since it's inception in 2000.


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