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How to Invest In And Join Zurker

Updated on July 31, 2012

Why Everyone Wants To Join Zurker

What Is Zurker?

Zurker is a new visionary social media platform that is currently storming the web. This uprising social sharing site is going to be packed with a great deal of fun and engaging content which will accumulate new users like there’s no tomorrow - from every corner of the globe. There is also further information available on Zurker UK Updates.


The site’s innovative and exciting approach to success has so far gained it a terrific mass of attention and the opportunity to invest in Zurker has never been greater. Zurker is set to compete with the likes of Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. You will understand completely why so many people want to join Zurker after reading the following information.

The key to your success with Zurker

One of the most incredible things about Zurker is that it’s owned by the community and not corporate investors. This puts the site at an advantage over any mainstream competitors. Here’s the beauty of the whole thing – you could become an investor just by singing up and referring others to Zurker, (Free of cost). Zurker's initial system is based on vShares which I will now explain to you.

How can I gain vShares if I join Zurker?

For those that take the opportunity to invest in this online frenzy, investment does not only mean buying shares, but for every joining referral given to someone, you gain 1Vshare for free (regardless of whether you choose to buy any). Not to mention that within your first 24 hours of joining Zurker, every referral accredits to you 2Vshares. These shares will later translate into real shares of the site and you will quite literally own a piece of the company.

Why Join Zurker?

To put it simply – investors are primarily there to protect their investment, and we ourselves are the investors. This means that the very people striving and working hard towards the success of the company are primarily those within this growing community.

Consider this – how many web optimization specialists and online marketers will be on board (or by your side – more to the point) when promoting the success of Zurker? How many share-holding users will there be behind you, pushing your vShares to go those extra miles? The answer ties in with as many people as it takes to completely fulfill this sites initial investment (accounting for the total of 1,000,000 vShares).

Zurker is still to become a public company, but once all of the vShares have been allocated, Zurker will be reconstructed into a public corporation and these vShares will then become real shares. To become a part of this thriving community join Zurker here.

What are the important rules for Zurker?

Zurker states that you may only make one account maximum. This is a fair solution to stop a monopolized market take-over. It should also be noted that those who you have referred Zurker to must be using a different IP address for you to gain a vShare.

Zurker also mentions that "vShare credits are not given in exchange for users signing up at a different country's Zurker. If you are in the United States, you will only get vShare credits for users signing up from the United States."


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    • Infobrowser profile image

      Infobrowser 6 years ago from UK

      I appreciate your input Wendy. I'm quite excited to see how Zurker UK turns out later on. So far the numbers are steadily rising.

    • Wendy Cockcroft profile image

      Wendy Cockcroft 6 years ago from Manchester, United Kingdom

      Interesting. I can't see it in use by others yet but I'll be keeping an eye on it. I might decide to blog about it on my main website's blog.