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How To Keep Track of Your Computer Passwords

Updated on June 29, 2009

When you are surfing the net and sign up for everything from to, passwords and user names can get mixed up and are often not recorded. I will show you an easy way to keep track of your login information. These passwords and user names are essential for shopping on the web and revisiting websites or blogs.

Things you need:

  1. Computer
  2. Pad and pen
  3. A little Planning
  4. Printer
  5. eMail accountComputer
  6. Pad and pen
  7. A little Planning
  8. Printer
  9. eMail account

Step One

Surf the web. Go to,,, and register for free. That’s the easy part.

Step Two

Each time you are successfully registered or verified, login to new site and write down your user name AND password and date in a small notebook or pad that stays next to your computer. You can put pad away for security, but get it out when surfing and signing up for new sites.

Step Three

Print out each email as it comes it, that you’ve registered. The email has the date on it and will often have both the user name and password you signed up with. This email should go into a folder near the computer. You can refer to it at a later time if necessary.

Step Four

If you like to keep info on spreadsheets, open Excel or Numbers (part of iWork ’09 for a Mac) and make a number of columns with user name, password, date and miscellaneous info. Record all info as you sign up and you will never have to wonder what that password was again!


For websites that you “subscribe” for, you also have the option to “unsubscribe” to them as well. That is called opting in or opting out. That is easy to do.


Never click on links from inside an email. Always login from web browers and get messages from that site: or That will help against becoming a victim of unwanted spam or identity theft.

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