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How To Keep Your IPhone or IPod From Getting Scratched

Updated on August 20, 2012

A Hard Case Will Help You In The Long Run

My Experiences With Scratches On My Ipod

Many of you, I'm sure have the same problem that I do. I can't stop dropping my IPod! Within the first week of purchasing it, I had already dropped it at least five times. Then it hit me. I really need to start thinking about ways that I can protect my IPod from being all scratched up. I've experimented with the best ways and I want to share them with YOU!

How To Protect Your IPod Or IPhone

I have come up with THREE extremely helpfu ways to protect your IPod or IPhone. Yes, you may have heard of most of these techniques. Yet, it is funny how little people actually use them. I will reiterate for all of you who are still scratching up you Apple products.

1. USE SCREEN PROTECTORS! I can't tell you how big of a tip this is. A lot of people do not use them. I just started with them this year, and boy have they made a difference. I have many scratches on my screen protector, but absolutely none on my IPod! Screen protectors will protect your screen for a very long time. The best part is, they only cost around a dollar for a pack of them!

2. Never use a soft case. Use a hard case. The first case I bought for my IPod was a soft, silicone case. I dropped my IPod, and it fell right out. It was horrible for protection. I then switched to a hard cover case. It works like a charm! Every time I drop it, the case gets scratched, not my IPod. Another excellent reason to get a hard cover case is because they can add a style factor to your IPhone or IPod!

3. I know, this tip may sound dumb. But it is extremely noteworthy. Never "toss" your IPhone or Ipod on the couch or wherever you decide to "toss" it. Everyone does this, and it does cause scratches and can damage your Apple product internally. Your battery could come loose, your screen light could brake and so on. Anything could happen when you toss that IPod or IPhone. So DON'T DO IT!

Whatever price you have to pay for any of this (Probably only 10 dollars for a case and screen protectors), it will be worth it! I hope this helps!

For The IPhone and IPod, Screen Protectors or Hard Cases?

Do You Prefer Screen Protectors, or Hard Cover Cases

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