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Lower Cell Phone Bill | Get More Perks

Updated on June 28, 2010

I only pay $35 a month and have a cooler, lower cell phone bill then most cell phone users. This article will tell you how I get my cell phone bill lowered or perks added and how you can too.

You can get lower cell phone bill charges and you should start looking into this now, even if you are still in contract. I pay $35 after taxes below is what my plan includes. No, I'm not bragging, I'm just trying to show that there are possibilities for you too. You just have to do a little work for it.

  • 500 Anytime Minutes
  • Free Text messaging
  • Free Internet
  • Free Mobile to Mobile
  • Free picture mail

Perks I had added by contacting customer service

  • 100 bonus minutes (added because I went over one month when my mom was in hospital, they couldn't lower my cell phone bill any more but added this recurring bonus to my plan)
  • Free Nights starting at 6PM and free Weekends ( had moved from 7 to 6 by mentioning my daughters grandparents were on the other coast. Had the $10 credit for this service renewed for another year when it had expired)
  • First Incoming Minute Free (had added because I mentioned this is my main phone and I get quite a few telemarketers calling me)

I started with a SERO Sprint cell phone plan. Unfortunately this plan is no longer available to the public. Now with their Sprint unlimited cell phone plans you can get something comparable for almost as great of deal.But always shop around. Lately Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile have both create unlimited plans that are very competitive

How to lower cell phone bill
How to lower cell phone bill

Trick To Lower Cell Phone Bill!!

Not really much of a trick, those of use who already have lower cell phone bills know about these guys, but most cell phone users do not know that the most effective way to lower cell phone bill expenses is to call your cell phone companies retention department. A cell phone retentions departments job description is to keep customers and this does mean freebies and discounts in order to do so.

Your phone service provider retentions department has access to the perks that can either lower cell phone bill or give you more perks such as free services like texting or bonus minutes. Let the cell phone retention department rep know that you are not happy with the many fee's and charges to keep them as your cell phone provider and that you are considering dropping your service to go find another that can provide better.

Asking For Cell Phone Service Discounts

What is it about your phone that you wish you didn't have to pay so much for, what do you wish you didn't pay anything for? What is it that you wish you could get added to your plan that you don't already have.

These are the 3 questions to ask yourself before attempting to get a lower cell phone bill. This way when you get started you will have a good idea of what cell phone perks mean the most to you. Before asking, first check at your phone companies website and make sure this option is available for a price. If it's available at a price, there has to be a way to get it for cheap or free.

Now that you know what you want call up your cell phone company. In your most friendliest, kindest, sweetest voice. The voice you call your grandma with prepare to make your first attempt. Ask them first a question unrelated to the perk. "Can I pay my bill online", or "where can I find a dealer near me." Then after they have answered, very nicely ask

"hey you know, I love having text messaging on my phone, but the costs really adds up, you guys don't have any way of giving me a discount on this do you"


"gosh my bill seems so high lately, I've been a customer for awhile, is there any discounts I qualify for so I can have a lower cell phone bill?"


"I sure get a lot of spam calls from solicitors, do you guys a first incoming minute free feature you could added to my plan without charge?"

Trust me, these do not work everytime, but they do work.

Always call and request how to lower cell phone bill
Always call and request how to lower cell phone bill

No Luck?

Try again a few days later. These kinds of perks are given out by people not machines. People differ. Their moods differ. One person may be laid back and give you what you want because they can and they want you to be happy while another may just be there to answer your questions and not care outside of that.

I've been shot down many times but you still have to ask.

Out of Contract? Renewing Contract?

If you are out of contract or are planning to renew your contract DO NOT do so without first calling your phone companies retentions department as discussed about. This is the only department you want to speak to. They were created for people that may consider leaving. They really do have the power to very easily give you the best perks and benefits. If they say they don't then thank them, hang up, and try another customer service rep later.

Call them up and in your "I only use this tone for grandma" voice let them know that you've enjoyed them as your cell phone company but "________" phone company has this great offer and you've heard better service.

Then pause and say "You know, I really like the way "your phone companies name" has been there for me, and I am considering staying but the other companies plan and features are very tempting and with their plan I get the same/more but can also get a lower cell phone bill."

At this point you will know from the person on the other ends response whether they are going to be able to help you out or not. Let them offer you something. As if there is something they can offer.

If it is what you want. don't stop there..

"Thank You, that is very generous of you guys, I knew I like this company. Hey (in a joking tone) you wouldn't be able to add FREE *other perk you want* also would you, cause I'll agree to the contract right now if I could get that."

If the offer is OK but your not excited about it, thank the sales rep and tell them you will think about it. Then wait a few hours or a few days and call back. Call centers for phone companies are located all over the country. The likelihood of getting the same service rep is slim to null. So.. Try again and start from script 1.

If your offered a better plan great, go for it.. But you could also say

"you know when I was first considering this I called and spoke with *CSR name* and they mentioned they could add FREE *Your offered Perk* . Is there anyway I could have both of these?"

Try, try again until you get the plan you want.


if you are in this situation of being out of contract or renewing your contract most likely this is because you have been with the company for some time. Whether it is a year of 5 years. ASK FOR A LOYALTY DISCOUNT. This could be your best perk to get the lower cell phone bill your looking for. Some companies offer 10%, 15%, or more off the total phone bill.

Cell Phone Stores Can Help

I bought my phone and signed up with Sprint in June. These last two weeks my battery is going dead after being off the charge just 9 to 10 hours. I think it has to do with the magnetic key pad at my office and me keeping my magnetic work key card in my pocket with my phone. I hold the pocket up to the pad and viola the door opens and I think I've ruined my phone.

I could be wrong, but it doesn't matter anyways. I went to a Sprint Store two nights ago, told the service rep at the desk that I just bought my phone 6 months ago and I'm having trouble with the battery, could he help me? I knew that I did not have a warranty and that he did not have to do anything for me for free but I was there to try.

He looked at it, pulled the battery out and disappeared into the back. Moments later he comes out with a identical battery in a plastic wrap, switches them out and says "come back if this doesn't work". It doesn't exactly give you a lower cell phone bill, but it is a way to get something for nothing. Learn to ask for the things you want. Worst they can do is tell you no.


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    • PDXBuys profile image


      7 years ago from Oregon

      Skype (internet phone) is far cheaper than what any of the big telecom companies offer. I can call anywhere in the U.S. and talk as long as I want. I use a laptop and handset for Wifi connection but there are now Wifi ready phones (no computer required). I think the big phone companies are going to lose a lot of business in the near future.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      All phones have a 1 year warranty. They don't tell you that, but it is true. They try and sell you insurance on something that essentially insured for a year. I have never owned a phone that didn't so the last section of this article is sort of bogus. A battery that was poorly produced or had manufacturer defect is without a doubt covered under the warranty. If you make sure to say you did nothing to cause the problem it will most likely be covered.

      Also if you are unsatisfied with your cell company wait until they make a change to the terms and agreements and get out of the contract. There is a material change to the contract clause, in nearly every contract and once they make a change that benefits them they are obligated to give you an option to cancel the contract in return.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Try Straight Talk, you get 1000 minutes 1000 text msgs and web access for $30 per month...or unlimited text talk and web for 45. We have 2 accounts and spend 67 mo with tax and have had no issues with dropped calls ect ..... you have no contract...pretty straight forward and have used this for over a year 1000 minutes is 16 hours of talk time and you lknow exactly what you have used since it tells you the time if you need more 45 is a great deal compared to alot of other plans

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I think you are spot on with your ideas. Our company helps Consumers and Companies reduce cell phone cost every day so we can totally vouch for what you are saying. We know how to save people money on cell phones, and your way of reducing cell phone cost is free as well. It is a proven way to lower your cell phone expense. That is what makes it such a great idea.

      Your idea is definitely something that can work to lower cell phone cost. We have seen our Customers have great luck with calling the Carrier to ask for discounts or a better deal. It is always good to keep the public up to speed on how to reduce their cell phone cost. We really like your article!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I was as sweet as pie with cream topping and the guy said he read the same thing on the web and told me to pack sand so since my contract was up I cancelled and bought a tracfone

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I tried so many times to get AT&T to lower my cell phone bill and after dealing with them for more than 10 years, I realized that the bill really wasn't going to get any better. I actually had to look over my plan and I realized I was paying for minutes and texting that I never really used and the fees coupled with it made it out of control.

      I thought about prepaid and started shopping around for a phone that suited someone who wasn’t a big talker, but needed something dependable. I decided on Net10 prepaid and its been a dream so far. Without a contract, I have the flexibilty to change phones and plans based on use and price and not be locked in. The calling network is pretty dependable and while the selection of phones isn’t the best, it is better priced than any I’ve found. The best thing about Net10 though is the incredible savings – more than $70 a month over my $110. Not to mention 300 minutes at activation and being able to purchase Net10 at Walmart or Target so its so easy to find. Net10 rocks!

    • Kat07 profile image


      11 years ago from Tampa

      I'm already signed up!

    • sunstreeks profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from Western Washington

      thanks kat.. You should head over to the message boards at

      Thats where I learned all about what perks are available and such.

    • Kat07 profile image


      11 years ago from Tampa

      These are great tips, soon to be tried - I've been a Sprint customer for years and still feel my bill is way too high.


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