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How To Make Hidden Files Visible

Updated on January 12, 2016

For sure everybody has any of these handy storage devices, flash drive, micro SD card, SD card, T-Flash, external drive and the likes, and probably one had encounter some tricky problems with it like storage almost full but when access to a computer haven't seen any visible files into it. I'm afraid your storage device has a lot of hidden folders and files on it. You may be finding ways now on how to make it visible. Don't worry we will land to that part later on but right now you have to understand first why you're getting such issue. Here are some of the following possible causes:

• Virus Left-Over Effects - Viruses usually make a hidden copy of infected files.

• Digital Camera Storage - DCIM Folder is usually hidden.

• Accidentally Hide Folder or Files.

• Planned to Hide by You or Someone Else - For security reason.

No matter how your files or folders become hidden what is really important now is how you will going to recover those, isn't it? Honestly, there were so many ways being taught online with regards to this topic, and there's the registry thing, so on and so forth. But the technique that I will going to share with you is the most effective, easiest and step-by-step procedure with the help of the free utility called Attribute Changer version 7.

And here's what you have been waiting for, the step-by-step procedure on how to make hidden files visible:


Open the storage device which you've suspect to have lot of hidden files or folders.


On that Window go to Tools menu then click the sub-menu Folder Option and another Window will open.


Then go to View tab and select the Show Hidden Files and Folders.


If the Step 3 doesn't work then try to remove the check of Hide Extension For Known File Types and Hide Protected Operating System Files together then click Apply and OK.


For sure after the last two steps, the hidden files and folders are now showing up but it doesn't mean that those were already visible. In order to really make it visible successfully you need to download the Attribute Changer utility on your computer then right click the hidden file and click Attribute changer and another Window will appear.


On the File Properties tab remove the check in Hidden then click Apply and another Window will appear confirming the changes made on the selected file or folder then remove it then click OK.


The selected files and folders are now permanently visible. You need to restore all the settings prior to the recovery of the hidden files for security reason, therefore, you have to go back from the start then undo everything.

Indeed, it's another helpful and successful computer tips for everybody so that next time you will encounter such problem you know already why it is happening and how to resolve it. Thanks for reading my article and please don't forget to leave any comments.


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    • profile image

      ky 3 years ago

      thanks, u are the best

    • profile image

      snipper 3 years ago

      very useful. tnx a lot!!

    • profile image

      Amudhan 4 years ago

      Thank You Very Much ............

    • bydojo profile image

      Ramona Jar 4 years ago from Romania

      Good advice. I always set my files to visible, since I need to work with them and it's better than trying to guess where they are :)

    • My Cook Book profile image

      Dil Vil 4 years ago from India

      Short and simple article. Good work friend, thanks for a useful article!