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Ultimate Guide To Make Your Videos Go Viral On YouTube[Video]

Updated on February 14, 2014

Viral YouTube Video Banner

Viral YouTube Video Banner
Viral YouTube Video Banner


Recently I have published a hub about making $10,000 Per Year as a YouTube Partner & a flashmakeit commented that Oh my you need a lot of views to make 28 dollars a day. That means you need some extremely interesting videos. That was a useful hub now I need to know how to make a video that get at least 1000 hits.

I am also using some trick since some day to get more YouTube video views and it is effective tricks for me, I thought I should share it with you.If you are newbie vlogger, than how to make money through YouTube article would help you to start with.

1.Analyze Trend

First all you have to think is if you are feeling bore, than what you would like to watch on YouTube.For this you can create survey from people you know on internet that what you would like to watch on YouTube. Most of peoples like to watch Comedy videos, but everyone can not be a comedian. There are some people in the world who would like to be creative and so you can show up your creativity on YouTube.

I have seen one lady who explaining how to polish nail, and she has lots of subscribers. One another lady explaining how to makeup on YouTube with thousands of subscribers.RayWilliamJohnson on YouTube is the number one YouTube comedy subscriber who pick up the viral video clips and make commentary on it.

There are lots of examples of creativity and all you need to do is find out the best creativity art that is living inside you.Once you have found out your creativity, start building your personality on YouTube.Choosing best creativity in us in Vlogging is similar to choosing best niche for blogging.

2.Blog Post Related Video

The second best thing I am regularly performing to increase video views of my YouTube videos.The only drawback is that if you are having blog, you can promote your YouTube videos through your blog.

I am having tech blog where I am creating post about how to preform various task, software tutorials and tricks.So what will I do is, creating a YouTube video based on the topic of my blog post and publishing it on YouTube.Now I will embed that created YouTube video on my blog post.So whatever readers of my blog who are reading that particular post, can get video tutorial about the topic and they will surely view your videos.

There are some peoples who don't like to read too long articles on web, so your video tutorial will be helpful for those reader.

The another idea to get more YouTube subscribers is implementing YouTube subscribe widget on your blog.So if any user like your video tutorial, they will subscribe your YouTube channel for sure. Here is example of the same. I have created an article on How to Rename Filenames in Bulk and posted YouTube Video about the same on YouTube.You can see the video here.

3.Time Limit

The biggest factor needs to be remember while creating quality YouTube videos & to gain more YouTube subscriber is choosing video length time limit.The video length should be optimum not too long.Ideal YouTube video should have length 3-5 minutes based on my personal analysis on most subscribed YouTube channels.

If you are creating around 1 hour YouTube video based on any topic you like is not ideal thing because peoples like short.So my advice on this is dividing that 1 hour video in to multiple parts.So people would not bored by watching your video.

4.Create Episodes

Create an episode of around 5 minute based on your niche and update new episode at particular time interval.This will help you to get more subscribers because people like to watch suspense.

Suppose you are creating an episode based on SEO online tutorial.So what will happen, people will see your video one time and they will subscribe your YouTube channel and eagerly waiting for next video to be uploaded on the same topic.

5.Choosing Effective Title

The another effective factor on creating viral video is choosing the effective title for your video.If you are creating video episodes on YouTube based on SEO topic, you can write the tittle SEO online tutorial : Part-1, SEO online tutorial : Part-2, SEO online tutorial : Part-3 etc. But this is not effective.

I will recommend you to choose the advanced title for your video.Suppose your one episode contain video tutorial about meta description, so you should write the title as " Definitive Video Guide to Meta Description : SEO online tutorial-1.

Your second episode covers topic about keyword research, than your title should be How to Do Keyword Research : SEO online tutorial-2.

6.Choosing Category

You need to be wise while choosing category for your video.It is as necessary as you are choosing title for your YouTube video.

If users are like to watch comedy and entertaining videos and you are watching it, it is awkward when you see some accident video in related videos at sidebar.So category is the main thing which will separate your video from other niche videos.

7.Adding Tags

The another important thing to consider while uploading videos on YouTube.Be wise to adding tags on your uploaded videos.Choosing too many keyword tags for video is not ideal but choosing effective 2-3 keyword for your video is recommended.

8. Social Sharing

Be sure to tell people to subscribe your channel, sharing and vote up your videos at finishing your videos.So people after watching your video, they might subscribe your channel, share it on other social networking websites and that will help to make your YouTube channel exposed to web.

Choose some great Facebook fanpages or groups which allow you to share your YouTube videos related to your niche and post your YouTube videos there.Create your own Facebook fanpage related to your YouTube channel, create twitter account and Google+ page for your YouTube channels.

Be active in forum and post your video in relevant category. Ask your friends to watch your created videos and get suggestion from them about your videos.


Content is the king in world Wide Web.So creating a great content that are liked by thousands of people is the very first step to make your videos go viral on YouTube.

If you are in budget, try to buy some expensive camera and camcorder so that you can create HD High Quality videos for YouTube and people would like it more.Most of the peoples on the earth would like to watch clearitiy with creativity. So show your creativity on YouTube with YouTube video marketing and start making money with YouTube.

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    • American_Choices profile image

      American_Choices 5 years ago from USA


      I have been studying this for two years and you just summed up all of my research. I would only change the video length to a maximum of 3 minutes. Perhaps 5 for the technical videos would be the exception. I feel the attention span for video is limited.

      I just shot four videos - hopefully they are production quality - uncertain until I download them (they are loading as I type this).

      I think video is more human and the trend for the future. HubPages is making it easy for us to transition but the exposure is huge. Video is beyond my comfort zone but I have so much to say and the written word is flat compared to the three dimensional qualities of a human face, voice, inflection, etc...

      The next big change in the world will be the videos. I pray that it draws us all closer across the continents.

    • flashmakeit profile image

      flashmakeit 5 years ago from usa

      Thanks so much for putting me in your article. It really make me happy and I enjoyed your informative hub. I Tweet your work on twitter.