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How To Make an Extension Cord

Updated on July 3, 2017
Extension Wire - Using Charger Adaptor (not using a common plug)
Extension Wire - Using Charger Adaptor (not using a common plug) | Source

Things you need:

1. Duplex Wire - This is the usual wire at home for wiring connections. As seen on the photo, it has two wires attached to each other. Inside of these two wires could be stranded or solid wire but mostly stranded wire is used for flexibility reason.

2. Outlet Box - For extension wires, outlet or outlet boxes vary from sizes to sizes, shapes, flat or round holes and the number of set of holes. Outlet box could be attached to the wall or for mobile purposes.

3. Charger Adaptor Case - If you have thrown some defective chargers at home, try retrieving it and open it, remove the PCB inside leaving two metal terminals (it could be flat or round, I have flat type in my photo). This charger adaptor casing will be our plug. You don't need to buy a plug to make an extension wire setup.

4. Screwdriver - This is a tool to drive out the screw of your charger adaptor casing and outlet box. This is use also for tightening our attachments and connections.

Procedure on how to make a simple extension cord at home:

Using your creativity, you can make extension cord at home using used and defective charger adaptor casing only. Here is the procedure:

1. Prepare the duplex wire to connect to the outlet box and the charger casing adaptor. Do this by skinning (removing the insulator or rubber coating) on each tip of the wire to expose the metal wire inside. Expose 1 centimeter for the two wires to be connected to the outlet box and 1/2 centimeter for the two terminals of the charger casing.

2. Unscrew the outlet box and then open it. Attach tightly the exposed 1 centimeter wires to the two terminals inside the outlet box. Normally, attaching these two wires use only two small screws. Just unscrew and insert the two wires. Screw the wires again to tighten the connection. You are done with the outlet connection.

3. Using charger adator casing (to replace as plug) and your screw driver, unscrew and open the adaptor casing. You can find the PCB with electronic piece/devices attached to it. Remove the PCB and cut the connection to the two terminals inside it. Connect the expose 1/2 centimeter wires to the two terminals of the charger casing. The best way to connect is to use soldering iron and soldering lead for strong bonding. If you just connect the wires by turning and twisting, be sure it is fixed, firm and strong to avoid accident like short circuit. Always cover with electrical tape in all you connections and wire junctions.


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      Mark Johann 2 years ago from Italy

      Welcome billybuc. Thanks for the comment, my friend. Very well.

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      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Very helpful, Mark. Thank you!

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