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How To Maximize SPYFU’s New Keyword Analysis Features

Updated on February 7, 2018
Spyfu SEO Overview sneak peek
Spyfu SEO Overview sneak peek

When it comes to keyword research, no other tool comes to mind than SPYFU. It’s fast, convenient (you can do keyword research even without a paid account), and reliable. While modern SEO doesn’t focus on keywords anymore, you still need them in your campaign because it’s what users type in when they perform a query. These days though, an expert needs to take note of HOW and WHERE keywords would be most efficient.

This is where tools like SPYFU, come into play. It shouldn’t just tell us which keywords are frequently searched for (we can get that information from Adwords); it should also save us time when performing certain SEO tasks. Like ranking. Instead of manually inputting information into Google, you can view everything at a glance with their SEO OVERVIEW feature.

But with so much data at your fingertips, where do you begin?

Compare Winning and Losing Keywords

Which keywords boost your rankings, and which don’t? Once you see the difference, you can create a plan that will improve the campaign. Check the backlinks of the keywords that lost in rankings. Why are they falling behind? Is it due to lack in clicks? Or perhaps they are not being promoted enough? Brainstorm ideas to make those terms rank better the next time you run an analysis.

Meanwhile, don’t celebrate yet when it comes to winning keywords. Provide more support so they can reach their optimum rank.

Check Keywords from Inbound Links

Also known as backlinks, inbound links provide authority to your content because other pages point to it. Choose three to five backlinks and see what type of keywords they have. These should have sufficient social signals (Shares, Likes, Tweets) to count as valuable. Gather their top organic keywords in a list. When you create content, refer to this list and see if you can sprinkle some of these keywords (or related terms) to boost your SEO.

This is nifty!
This is nifty!

Examine Shared Organic Keywords from Competitors

Don’t worry if your competitors are ranking better than you. In fact, now is the best time to learn from their best practices. Use SPYFU’s Kombat feature to check for shared organic keywords. These are terms your rivals are ranking for – but not you. In our case, we had three.

In this case, we have two options: one, formulate a strategy to help rank for these terms, OR ignore this weakness and focus on our strengths. If our competitor was ranking thanks to these keywords, we can include them in our campaign and go head to head with our opponent. On the other hand, if they are irrelevant to our goals, then there is no use pursuing the matter further. Whatever your agency decides to do, be sure to discuss it first with your link strategist.

Take Advantage of Keyword Groups

Remember your organic keywords list? Add more to it using KEYWORD GROUPS. Here you will find possible long-tail keywords which you can include to your content (as long as it adds value, of course). Manually add them to the list, or choose how you want to export the entire file. You can even use it conjunction with your favorite long-tail keyword search tools like

Let It Come Together in Content

Keywords are nothing without content. Unlike previous strategies that let you insert them everywhere in any way you desire, now you need to ensure that they are appropriate to the type of content you are developing. Whether it’s for a blog or a slideshow, keywords need to exist there for the user’s ultimate benefit. It should help them find what they are searching for, while supporting ideas.

SPYFU has more features in store when it comes to SEO, like backlinks analysis and business leads. But as a keyword analysis tool, they certainly leveled up their game. If you haven’t tried their new version, you can get simplified features for free. Or why not sign up to their premium version to receive all the cool benefits? Don’t discount keywords just yet – with the right tool, you can maximize them to reach the best ranks.


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