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How To Place a Video on Your WordPress Blog

Updated on October 24, 2010

Already Have a Video Produced

If you already have your video produced, then you have a couple options for placing your video onto your WordPress blog.

The first option is to upload your video to a YouTube account. It's easy to create a YouTube account by visiting YouTube and signing up. Once you are signed up to YouTube, you'll see a button on your homepage at the top that says 'upload.' Click upload and choose the produced video file on your computer. YouTube will ask you a few questions about your video and you can describe it however you like. Be sure to include a link back to your blog in the video description.

Once the video has finished processing, you can locate the video by clicking on your user name in the upper right hand corner and selecting my videos. Then click on the title or image of the video you just uploaded and look for the 'embed' button below it on the right. Clicking embed brings up some options. If you have a free WordPress account, you will only be able to use the URL link. Place this link on your blog and people will be able to click the link and watch the video on YouTube. If you are hosting your own blog, you will be able to use the HTML embed code. Place this as a post or on a page by pasting the code under the HTML option tab in the post window. Place the code here and click publish.

There are many benefits to using YouTube to embed your videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine (next to Google) so that people may discover your video faster in YouTube and link back to your blog. People are also very familiar with using YouTube as it is a very popular service.

Another option is to upload the video directly to your hosted blog. In the tool bar above the posting box is a small icon for uploading video. Once this button is clicked you can select the video production directly off your computer for uploading. WordPress will store this in your media folder and display it on the blog post or page where you uploaded it.

A third option is to use the free open-source Flowplayer with the Flowplayer WordPress plug-in. The benefits to using the Flowplayer is that you can modify the player to better match your WordPress site's branding. This is a bit more difficult than the processes above and may be best left to the experts.

Professional Video Production

Need a Video Produced

If you don't currently have a video produced and ready for your WordPress blog, you will need to talk with a local video production company. Many web video production services will be able to film and edit your video precisely for your marketing needs. Then they can ensure the video is correctly placed onto your WordPress blog in a player that matches your branding. The drawback to using a video production company is cost but if you are looking for something professional, it may be worth the extra expense. This is especially true if your videos are trying to sell you or your products. People want to see a professional video before they will comment to spending any money on your service or product.

How Do You Add Video Production Into Your Blogging Strategy?

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