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iPhone Trick: How To Prevent Your iPhone from Closing Applications As Soon As They Are Opened

Updated on April 20, 2012

I have had an Iphone for the last 3 and a half years and suffered from "Premature Iphone App Closedown", the annoying and frustrating event of your iphone application closing as soon as you run it after tapping its icon.

This happens on both iPhone 3, 3G, and 4. I was blaming my iPhone the entire time and thought mine was defective. I brought it to the Apple Store and 3 people who worked there did not know what the problem was. This issue caused me to delete the application and install it again as well as download it.

The Real Cause: Apple Itunes is the Culprit!

I found out that since you can run your apple Iphone on 5 accounts, you have to tell Apple Itunes that the computer is runs on is "authorized". For the last two years, I saw this "Authorize This Computer" menu item in the Store menu of Itunes and ignored it, but now, this link is a definitely must. To solve this issue, you need to click on this link. Doing so, will prevent your Iphone apps from closing as soon as it opens.

Here Are The Steps:

Run your Apple Itunes and click on Store -> Authorize This Computer.

Go into Store- Authorize This Computer
Go into Store- Authorize This Computer | Source

Enter Your Email Address for Apple Store

When you click on authorize your computer, you will be prompted for your email address that is associated with your Apple Store. This is how you tell the Apple Store to connect your computer and of course, authorize it.

Once you enter your email address, click the Authorize button. Your computer will not be connected to your Apple Store account and your iPhone apps should not longer close.

Screen Shot Of the Authorize Your Computer Link

Enter Your Apple Store Email Address
Enter Your Apple Store Email Address | Source

Downloading Apps Onto Your Iphone the EASY Way

I used to search for apps on my iphone itself, but doing this takes too long and Apple makes you log in each and every time. Now, I just do it through Apple Store. It is much faster and I do not need to keep entering my Apple Store password with my tiny Iphone keyboard.

Follow the Prompts on Apple Store to find Apps and Download Them.

Synching your Iphone Apps

Just like you sync music like MP3s and other material, you also sync your apps.

Make sure you press the Sync Apps checkbox and Automatically Sync New Apps checkbox.

Press Sync and you are all set! Your apps should never close again after running them.

This is the correct and easiest way to sync apps on your iphone and this solves the quick closing issue.
This is the correct and easiest way to sync apps on your iphone and this solves the quick closing issue. | Source


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