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Protect Your iPhone Screen: Three Steps To Protect Your Screen From Cracking!

Updated on September 22, 2012

Get the necessary protection for your iPhone!

Getting the necessary protection for your iPhone, is crucial to keeping it at a peak level of quality for longer! By having such protection, you can significantly lower the chance of dropping the phone, getting it scratched or even developing cracks on the screen.

In this article I'll be showing you some great products that you can use to maximise your iPhone's protection. Also I'll be giving some fantastic tips, on how you can keep the iPhone completely safe and out of harm's way. (Especially when not in use!)

A fantastic iPhone screen protector pack!

ChefzBest Screen Protector Charger Cord Cable
ChefzBest Screen Protector Charger Cord Cable

A great 3 pack of iPod Touch 4th generation screen protectors, which are usable with all apple devices of a similar size to the iPod Touch.


1. The screen protection.

There are quite a few good quality screen protectors at, but by far this one has to be the absolute best! (We’re talking about the product on the right.)

Now why do you need a screen protector?

You need a screen protector to ensure that dirt can't get onto the screen, and that you have minimal chance of scratching it too. Without a screen protector, you can find yourself often cleaning your device, however with a protector you only have to occasionally clean the protector itself. Now a word of advice I think is very important, is to take your time with applying the screen protectors. Otherwise you might make a mess of it, and have to start again with another one!

Included in the package you get with purchasing this product, you get a clear set of instructions for use. Remember to follow these carefully, and apply it properly. Try your best not make a mistake, as it means you have to use a different one! (You get 5 in a pack.)

Screen wiping cloth.

The screen wiper that comes with this purchase is very high in quality, and if you don't already have one, they're absolutely god sent! They not only effectively clean your screen, but also without risk of scratches or streaks. Considering that this whole package is only £2.50 with free delivery in the U.K on the super saver delivery deal, this has to be a must buy for any iPhone user! (In America the product is around $3.90.)

2. Never Use When Drinking.

When using an iPhone or any piece of expensive technology, you must always use your common sense around the house. For instance, I remember when I was using my iPhone downstairs in the living room, and I was very close to a hot cup of coffee, which looked as if it would fall at any minute. So I put down the iPhone for a second, and moved the cup more central on the table. That's what you've got to do too! If you see some potential hazards for your iPhone, move away from it or fix it. Don't just ignore it, because that's how accidents happen...

So my biggest tip for this entire article would be to never have drinks near you when using the iPhone. Unless you have a waterproof casing for it, but I don't know how much one of them would cost, compared to having common sense.

3. Put your iPhone in a safe place.

One of the most common ways of damaging an iPhone is to leave it in a vulnerable place like on the floor. Now anyone could accidentally step onto the phone when it's on the floor, which can result in them slipping and breaking their backs, or your iPhone being cracked. Now this goes back to my point on common sense, however whenever you put your iPhone down make sure it's safe. In fact maybe you want to put it in a case or something, just make sure it's out of harm's way, and especially out of the way of children!

What's your iPhone protection already like?

Are you already following all of my points in this article?

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