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How To Quickly Find Word Definitions With Google Dictionary for Chrome | Google Dictionary Review

Updated on April 26, 2012

Google Dictionary Extension

Fast and Easy Word Definitions | Google Dictionary Chrome Extension

The internet is a vast sea of useful information, opinions, and editorials; but often while reading material online one will stumble across an unfamiliar word. Often, it is possible to derive the meaning of the word from the context of the article, but looking up the word in a dictionary is the best way to learn and commit it to memory. However, if your like me, you don't carry a dictionary on hand and opening a new browser window to Google search the word is annoying. Here is the solution:

Google Dictionary for Chrome web extension. This online dictionary is extremely fast and simple to install and use. Once you give it a try you won't ever shy away from looking up unfamiliar words again. Continue reading for an explanation of how to install and use the dictionary extension.

Dictionary Icon

Dictionary Icon after installation
Dictionary Icon after installation | Source

Install the Chrome Dictionary Extension

Installation of the Google Chrome Dictionary Extension is simple.

1. Open Chrome and head to the Chrome Web Store

2. Search for Google Dictionary Extension and click the first result

3. Click "Add to Chrome"

4. Click "Add" on the pop-up window

5. The extension will automatically be downloaded and installed

6. Check to make sure you see the dictionary icon displayed (inside the black circle of this picture)

Definition example
Definition example | Source

Using Google Dictionary to Define a Word

Google Dictionary makes defining a word as simple as a click of the mouse. To define any word simply double click it! A pop-up with the word's definition and pronunciation will automatically appear. Click anywhere on the page to go back to reading. Simple!

Additionally, I've found it helpful to copy and paste the unknown word and its definition into a Google document. After a month or so I go back and review the words that required me to use the online dictionary. Reviewing these words helps commit them to memory and over time it can expand your vocabulary dramatically.

Example Definition

Simply double click the word for the definition.
Simply double click the word for the definition. | Source

Dictionary Poll

Do you look up words more often with Google Dictionary Extension than before?

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In conclusion, Google makes using its online dictionary so flawless and simple you really don't have any excuse to not look up unfamiliar words. Using the dictionary will give you a better understand of the material your reading and the author's overall tone and opinion on the subject. Now get to reading!

Chrome is a great browser that can be loaded with useful apps and extensions. Make sure you check out my Hub on how to easily take a screenshot with chrome.


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    • Enni82 profile image

      Enni82 5 years ago from Rochester MN

      Glad you found it helpful! Now start expanding your vocabulary! Thanks for the vote.

    • TToombs08 profile image

      Terrye Toombs 5 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

      How cool is that?! Way easier than going to Nicely done and well written. Voting up and all that.