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How To Reduce Junk eMail

Updated on October 15, 2010

The nuisances of junk mail in your e-mail can become a really big pain in the neck. Most spam is caught by spam filters but there is plenty more that can build up causing your e-mail to quickly build up and become unmanageable.

Changing you e-mail is the fastest way to deal with combating an e-mail account overrun with junk mail. But, this is not very practical. Even if you notify everyone who has your e-mail what your new one is, they may not make the change in their address list and may lose contact with you when you stop using and close the old account.

Even harder though would be to change your contact e-mail with the numerous companies and websites that you have accounts with. So now, how to avoid ever having to go this route?


Step 1: UnSubscribe!

Much of the junk mail that comes into our inbox isn't spam. The spam has already been taken care of. It's the numerous e-mails that come in as a result of sign-ups and registrations at other websites. Coupon offers, sales, etc.

Alot of the junk mail is stuff that you may have actually unknowingly opt-in for.

At the bottom of these e-mails there should be a link to unsubscribe. This actually works and is not just a ploy to see if your e-mail account is active. When you unsubscribe you will stop recieving the e-mails.

Step 2: Mark As Spam

For anything that comes through that does not give the option to unsubscribe, mark as spam.

Most e-mail programs have very effiecient and effective spam filters. But there is still some things that are going to get through. Use your Mark As Spam button to filter anything that comes through that is not automatically picked up by the Spam Filter on it's own.

Step 3: Get Your E-mail Off The List

Go over to or directly to the e-mail opt-out at and sign up to opt-out of junk e-mail. This is a free service run by the Direct Marketing Association which represents 80% of the junk mail that is sent out through the mail.

While there, you can also opt-out of junk mail in your mailbox and also get your name off the list for credit card solicitations.

Step 4: Set Up Junk E-mail Account

Set up an extra e-mail account to keep your personal e-mail clean so you never miss an important e-mail from family or friends. Setting up a seperate e-mail for this purpose can ease the headache.

There are many websites that request our e-mail for registrations. Many of them are legit and keep your e-mail private, for those you don't trust, this is where an extra e-mail account comes in handy.


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    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 8 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Good Hub - I get too much junk emails - many from Nigeria. I'll try your tips.

    • sunstreeks profile image

      sunstreeks 8 years ago from Western Washington

      Unsubscribe works best for newsletters and e-mails that comes from companies and businesses you are familair with. I've never had a problem with using unsubscribe but I know what you mean.

      For the type that are obviously spam or appear to be something that you did not sign up for the best course of action is just to mark as spam.

    • profile image

      DeletedSpam 8 years ago

      Hey Stephanie, it´s funride here ;)

      I wish I could believe that all those emails with unsubscribing links in the end were all from sign-ups and registrations I made earlier... unfortunately it´s very easy for spammers to find millions of emails and many times the unsubscribe link goes directly to their own site.

      My own experience tells me that in most cases unsubscribing doesn´t make them stop sending more spammy emails :(

      But the extra e-mail account idea it´s a good one though ;)

    • nms profile image

      nms 8 years ago from Cochin a days Junk is a big problem! we should definetly learn Junk management :)