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How To Remove IT Policy BlackBerry 8800

Updated on September 20, 2012

Removing IT Policy Blackberry 8800 v4.5

This tutorial will instruct on how to permanently remove IT Policy from a BlackBerry 8800 device running firmware version 4.5

In order to confirm whether IT Policy is currently active on device follow these steps:

1) Navigate to Options/Status/

2) Once on "Status" screen type "B" "U" "Y" "R" (BUYR)

3) This will bring up additional information pertaining to Voice/Data Usage

4) If an IT Policy is present, space next to these entries, will display "IT Policy Enabled"

The following method to remove an IT Policy will work on Blackberry Device Software 4.3 to 6.0

You must download Blackberry Desktop Software version 4.7 or higher for the following procedure (Desktop Manger versions 4.7-6.0)

Note: The following procedure will wipe device of all data. Backup if necessary through Desktop Manager

1) Connect device to computer

2) Navigate to Start Menu/Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt

- If running Windows Vista or Windows 7 right click and select "Run as Administrator"

3) Navigate to 'Apploader' folder by typing "cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader" and hit enter. (Excluding quotations)

- If using 64 bit operating system navigate to "cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader"

4) Next type loader.exe /resettofactory

5) Type device password if requested

Once process is complete IT Policy will be permanently removed from device


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    • profile image

      nSy 4 years ago

      Thanks u a lot dude ! congratulation to you. xoxo

    • profile image

      Louis von Wiederhold 5 years ago

      Thanks guys, very effective.For a change this was a positive experience. easy to follow instructions and

      more important it worked. I did try a couple of other

      online procedures to no avail,either due to my ignorance or unclear directions. All in all i waisted many long hours till i found this method. Thanks again.

    • kephrira profile image

      kephrira 6 years ago from Birmingham

      A useful guide, thanks.