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How To SSH Into IPhone 2G (Windows)

Updated on September 20, 2012

SSH Into IPhone (Windows)

The following guide details how to establish a SSH (Secure Shell) connection between your host computer and your device. The advantages in doing so mean complete access to the file system to facilitate transfers and execute commands. Required for certain customizing practices.

Please reference notes for applicable downloads.

Procedure: IPhone SSH (Device must be jail-broken)

1) Within Cydia hit "Search" Type "OpenSSH"

2) Accept and install the package

3) Once installed ensure your device is connected to WIFI network

4) Navigate to Settings>Wifi>Details. Under DHCP tab take note of your IP address

5) Download WinSCP. Version 4.3.2 listed in the notes.

6) Ensure SSH is configured accordingly on your host machine and necessary drivers for your device are appropriately installed. Port 22 should accept connections. Plug your device into computer and await recognition.

7) Extract and Run WinSCP program.

Enter the following credentials:

Host Name: This is the IP address recorded earlier from Settings.

Port Number: 22

Username: root (case sensitive)

Password: alpine (case sensitive)

Private Key File: Leave Blank

File Protocol: SFTP

- Check 'Allow SCP-fallback' Hit Login. Once logged in you will be presented with a split screen window including your device file system and your windows operating system. You are now connected via Secure Shell to your device and may transfer files or proceed otherwise.

- To manually load 'ipa' files to device, navigate file system to private>var>mobile>documents>Installous>Downloads - drag and drop application files and install from Installous>Downloads tab. 


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