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How To Save Cellular Data on Iphones

Updated on December 28, 2015
Saving Data can be a stressful process, but this article can help simplify it.
Saving Data can be a stressful process, but this article can help simplify it.

Save Money by Saving Data

The guide will help all iPhone users use less cellular data while still being able to browse the web or play their favorite mobile apps. A few simply tricks can save you hundreds on your cell phone bill each month, or save you from having to turn off data when you aren't all the way through the month. Read on for the best ways to cut down on data usage while still being able to use your phone as much as you normally would in any given data cycle.

Tip One: Turn off background app Refresh

The absolute easiest way to save on mobile data usage for you iPhone is to turn off your background app refresh. This process was installed in a recent IOS update, and will take from your data allowance throughout the day in order to constantly update every app that uses data. This means that data will be used to refresh your social media and games while you aren't using them. It also means that your data can be used while your phone is locked and not being used at all, which is alarming for many people.

Luckily, very simple steps can be taken to prevent background app refresh from stealing you phone's data. To turn this off simply:

Go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh and then simply toggle off.

You may also turn off background app refresh for specific applications from this final screen. Finally, it is important to remember that turning off your background app refresh will not prevent social media or games from retrieving data once you open the application, and you will still be able to use them normally.

Click the link below for more on back ground app refresh!
Click the link below for more on back ground app refresh! | Source
To learn more about Wifi assist click below!
To learn more about Wifi assist click below! | Source

Tip Two: Turn Off or Manage Wifi Assist

Wifi assist has become a sneaky data killer for users of iPhones that have newer versions of IOS. Similar to background app refresh, wifi assist is on by default for all iPhone users, and as a result will use up your data at an alarming rate if not managed properly. The concept of wifi assist is that it would help users always stay connected. Unfortunately, it does so by 'boosting,' wifi by switching to 3G or 4G whenever your phone determines that a wifi signal isn't strong enough. This means that in any kind of weak wifi your phone will use data without any prompt to the user first.

This practice has seen apple users in a bit of a frenzy since being implemented, as it has come to be quite the silent killer of data. To manage this on the newest IOS, simply navigate:

Settings>Mobile Date: then scroll down to the bottom of the page to toggle of wifi assist.

In earlier versions this can also be accomplished by navigating: Settings>Cellular>Toggle off wifi assist.

Apple has seen much in the way of negative feedback for this feature, so it will hopefully be a thing of the past in future IOS updates, however, for the time being turning off wifi assist is a great way to save yourself from data overages. By turning off this feature the user can be sure to only be utilizing wifi when it is turned on, without having to worry about using up cellular data without knowing. This process will be sure to save you much needed data and save you some money on overage bills in the process.

Tip Three: Manage individual Cellular Data

While it may seem simple, many people never think to restrict their cellular data as a whole, or for individual apps. Many iPhone users don't realize they can pick and choose specific applications to turn data off for. However this practice is great to set limits for yourself and be able to save on data.

The first process to learn here is how to turn off data completely. This will still allow you to use your phone and is able to be turned on and off at any time, it will simply not allow for cellular data to be used when turned off. An easy way to accomplish this is to simply turn on Airplane Mode. Airplane mode will turn off data usage, while still allowing the user to connect to wifi sources to utilize applications and send imessages.

Going further than airplane mode, is turning off all mobile data. To do this navigate as follows:

Setting>Cellular> toggle off Cellular Data.

Doing this will prevent your phone from using all data. On this same page, right below Cellular data, the user can also toggle off Enable LTE, which will not allow for LTE which uses a large amount of data, but will allow the slower 3G or less, which will also use less data.

Continuing on this same page, the user can simply scroll down and see a list of applications under the title: Use Cellular Data For: Here you can manage the use of cellular data for individual applications of your iPhone. This is useful for turning off data for those applications that go seldom used on your phone. You can simply turn off data for them by toggling the switch next to them from green to white, and in doing so can only keep using data for the applications that are often used.

Turning data off seems simple, but can be an effective way to manage data and cut back on usage to save more money.

Manage Cellular Data

This picture shows an example of individual apps toggled on and off on the cellular page in settings.
This picture shows an example of individual apps toggled on and off on the cellular page in settings.

Tip Four: Remember to Track How You're Using Your Data: Check out DHTV's Video for some helpful tips:

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The ways above are just a few ways to save data, but taking the time to implement them could help you save data each month, and save money on your bill. Try some of the techniques listing and report back on what worked the best. Please vote in the poll and leave a comment below so others can learn from your experience!


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