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How To Send A Text Message Overseas

Updated on March 19, 2011
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?

Text Messaging

Okay, if you still do not know what a Text Message is, you probably do not need to read this.

Or let me correct that.

It should be all the more imperative for you to read on.

What is a Text Message?

Okay with the onset of cellular phones (I know, I might have to define what a cell phone is too, but I will draw the line on that one), ordinary people can now communicate with one another wirelessly and for the most part cheaply. Although back in the early days of cell phones or mobile phones as they were known back then, it wasn’t that cheap to make a call on them enormous wireless contraptions.

I remember I have one of those First Generation Motorola Mobile Phones, yes the analog ones with the long rubber antenna and you need a briefcase to carry them around. And I wasn’t complaining as my aunt used to have one which looks like a regular old analog home phone and it comes with a black shoulder bag.

Okay back then, cellphones had no texting capability, texting in the sense that you can send text messages from one cellphone to another and vice versa. So a text message is a short message, usually limited by the type or kind of cellphone one has or set as by their cellphone provider. The messages are normally typed in using the cellphone numeric keypad or because of the continuing advancement in technology, through a tiny keyboard on the phone itself or on the screen of a cellphone using touch screen technology.

If you have slept through the last 30 years or so and have only recently been awaken from your deep sleep or coma, then you probably wouldn’t understand any of these terminologies. But if you aren’t then it is safe to say that you have understood all of these and you probably know them already.

Then again, I am not sure why you are still interested in reading this article. But if you are then let us proceed to the steps needed to send a Text Message from your mobile phone to a mobile phone of somebody who is at another country, another continent or wherever else in the planet or in the earth atmosphere which cellphone company satellites can send messages to.

How To Send A Text Message Overseas

For our example below, I will be assuming that you are located within the Continental United States and that you are using a cellphone provide which is based in the US of A—examples of which are AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and a handful of other companies.

First Step:

You need to understand and know the numeric codes used by telephones all over the world. And it is universal all over the world.

All cellphones like your home phone (or landline phone) use for the most part a 7-digit phone number. They also use a city of regional code which may be anywhere from 1 to 3 digits long. And lastly, it also uses a country code, 1 to 3 digits long.

Although there are lots and lots of sources of Country Codes online, I have found out that the DHL (USA) Website have an easy-to-use quick-lookup Telephone Country Code calculator at their web page. Click here to use it.

DHL Lookup (I know free advertising if you tell me, but what can I do, I like how they did it).

Okay now that you know what Country Code you have, at the very least you should know that already. The Country Code for the USA or for North America is 1.

Now I know if you have a cellphone and you have it for some time now, you should know your cellphone number by heart or at least know how to find it on your phone.

Tip: If you don’t know your cellphone number--call somebody else’s cellphone and the number will usually appear on their cellphone screen, they can allow it to be a missed call if both of you guys do not want to be charged or use your minutes for this suggestion.

Then create an entry on your cellphone address book under your name or whatever name you want and normally it will be in this format:

1 – 999 – 123-4567

Were 1 will be your Country Code (if you are in the US), 999 will be your City or Regional Code.

And 123-4567 will be your seven digit cellphone number.

Now that you know what your cellphone details are, you can now start to understand and learn how to send a text message overseas.

Second Step:

If you know how to send a text message, to a cellphone number within the USA, then you can skip this step and go right now to the Third and last step below.

If you don’t then you might want to read this section first and learn two-things-in-one.

How To Send a Text Message to Another Cellphone Within The United States (That Is, If You Are In The United States and both of you are using US Cellphone Carriers).

Depending on your type of cellphone, find the Menu Option corresponding to Send A Message or its equivalent on your phone.

  • Select that and proceed to type in a message, using your numeric keypad, your keyboard or your touch screen keypad.

Numeric Keypad:

Typical Cellphone Keypad
Typical Cellphone Keypad

As you can see, each button correspond to one, three or more letters and symbols. For example for the keypad represented by the number 2, if you press it once while on the Compose a Message Screen on your cellphone, you will be typing the letter A. Press it two times and you will be typing B, three times and you get the letter C. It’s that simple.

So typing a short message such as: WHERE ARE YOU

You are going to press on 9 once, 4 twice, 3 twice, 7 thrice, 3 twice, 0 once (for the space), 2 once, 7 thrice, 3 twice, 0 once, 9 thrice, 6 thrice and 8 twice.

If you did it right, your Message Screen should say the words “where are you”, depending if you have caps lock or not. Anyway if it doesn’t it means you can press the button corresponding to the back button or the delete button or the cancel button. We will not go into that now as that will depend on the type of phone you have.

Now if you are satisfied with the message you have composed. Select the option that says or corresponds to SEND. Then your cellphone should either give you the option to select the cellphone number or the number on your address book to send your “where are you” message or whatever message you manage to type in.

Type in that number (do not forget the format for it 19991234567) or select that particular address book entry and press SEND or its equivalent. Again if you did it right, it will reflect on your phone by a message that will most probably say “Sending Message” and/or followed by “Message Sent”.

And hopefully, your intended recipient got the message and understood it. Now a reply from them would be a good indication that they got it, whoever they may be.

Third Step:

Now that you know how to send a text message from your US Carrier Cellphone to another US Carrier Cellphone, then let us know find out how easy it is to send a message overseas:

How To Sent A Text Message Overseas

Let us say you are sending a text message to somebody on the other side of the World, let’s say, the Philippines.

First things first, know the Country Code of the Philippines, be aware of the city or cellphone code and lastly the cellphone number.

Going back to the DHL Country Code Calculator, we should know that the Country Code for the Philippines is 63. The other details (area/city/cellphone code and cellphone number) your intended recipient should at least give you.

A list of the Cellphone or Mobile Phone Codes by Country can be seen in this link:

Now looking at that table we can see that cellphones in the Philippines are three digits long and starts with either a 9, a 5 or a 6.

So the whole cellphone number should be (going by our format Country Code-City/Cellphone Code-Cellphone Number)

63 9xx 1234567 (no spaces).

To send a text a cellphone in the Philippines. Type in a text message as you would normally do, or if you are unsure, then go back to the Second Step above.

And then send that message to this number (typed as is).


No spaces.

+ included

Where 9xx is the cellphone or the city code

And 1234567 is the cellphone number.

And if your intended recipient receives and replies (sends) back a message, then simply save that number into your Address Book and you can use that to send all your future text messages to. Or of course you can always type in the whole thing again (and again and again).

But, considering that text messages sent or received from overseas generally costs higher to send and to receive than regular text message with the US, you might want to be sure of all your codes and cellphone numbers before sending and also send only if you need to.

Now the same will be true If you want to send picture messages or any other type of message your cellphone is capable of sending and/or receiving.

And then, the sky’s the limit, yes literally, figuratively and unfortunately cost wise. It might cost you a small fortune too if you aren’t careful.

But luckily, there are also ways of sending text messages to anywhere in the world to any cellphone, any carrier without spending one penny or even without using a cellphone.

And Texters as we might call them, do it by sending all their messages for free from a number of websites. 

To find out, just google them: such as searching for this:

And basically, it is the same as what I had indicated above or with slight variances, but of course it should be fully explained within the website you are using. And the best part, it is free to use.

Happy Texting!


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