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How To Send Mass Emails

Updated on September 21, 2010

How To Send Mass Emails

Want to learn how to send a mass email to 500 or 50,000 emails at a time? New websites make it super easy and super cheap.

Why can't I send a mass myself?
1. Many free email accounts only let you send 20 emails at a time
2. New anti-spam regulations require that you include your name and address in every mass-marketing email
3. You want to include an un-subscribe link, which an email service can do for you.

Ready to learn how to send mass emails?

Step 1: Sign Up for an email account

After researching 5 different email companies, we've concluded that iContact is the cheapest & highest quality option available.

Why iContact?

They are the lowest priced option out there. And I've been using them for 4 years now.The lowest plan starts at only $9.95 / month (price current at time of writing). Plus, they have a free 15 day trial.

Sign Up for iContact

Now for step two in how to send out a mass email.

Step 2: Import Your Email Addresses

1. Log into iContact

2. Go to My Contacts

How to send mass emails
How to send mass emails

3. Go to Create a List

4. Enter a name for this email list. For instance, if you are a psychologist, you could label it 'Patient List'. The other boxes can be left empty if you wish. Then, click Save & Add Contacts

4. Upload your email list

4. Upload Emails

Choose the option that works best for you. The Copy & Paste Contacts option is probably the easiest. Just copy a bunch of text, even it includes other data, and iContact will just import all the emails contained within the data.

Now you are ready for the final step on how to send mass emails.

Step 3: Create A Mass Email

1. Go to the tab called Create

2. Go to Create a Message

3. Create Your Email

If You Know HTML...
You can design your newsletter in Dreamweaver and copy it over using the Use Your Own Code option.

If You Don't Know HTML...
Use the templates in the MessageBuilder.

But... If You Just Are Sending a Text Email without images...
Select the Create Text-Only Email

You can sign up for iContact's Free Trial here.

Congrats - You've learned how to send a mass email!


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