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How To Set Up A LinkedIn Profile

Updated on July 31, 2014
How to set up a LinkedIn profile
How to set up a LinkedIn profile

Signing up for and using LinkedIn is completely free to users if they so choose. All you need start learning how to use LinkedIn is to create a LinkedIn profile.

You can always upgrade to a paid LinkedIn membership which offers additional benefits such as being able to search profiles of other members faster, being able to directly message people without receiving an introduction (generally from another member that you already know) and a way to better organize your profile.

As a new member to LinkedIn, a free account will be more than sufficient.

Let's get started by creating great LinkedIn profile. Once set up you can then start adding others to your network and building a powerful tool you can use for your benefit.

Join LinkedIn
Join LinkedIn

Here are step-by-step instructions for creating a LinkedIn Profile.

1. Visit and fill in your details in the initial login box presented to you in the Join LinkedIn Today box on the top right hands side of your page.

  • Enter your First Name, Last Name , Valid email address and Choose a Password.
  • Click Join Now.

Once you sign up for a LinkedIn account, either free or paid, you can create your own professional profile. Remember, since this is a more serious-minded website, it’s important that information in your profile represents your business or working side.

LinkedIn is not the place to share cute baby photos or show your family pet.

Student LinkedIn Profile
Student LinkedIn Profile

3. You are asked to reenter your email address. This allows LinkedIn to start the process of gathering contacts for you. If you skip this step, you'll miss out on easily finding people you know on LinkedIn. This is optional however and you can always seek out contacts later.

If you choose to take this step, LinkedIn will see if any of the email addresses in your address book belong to existing LinkedIn members. If they do, you'll have the option of inviting them to join your LinkedIn network. Remember you need to turn these contacts into connections through an invitation and they need to accept.

Regardless of who invites who, when an invitation is accepted, both parties are automatically added to each other's list of connections.

2. The next step in creating a LinkedIn Profile is to provide your employment status and location information.

  • Choose your country of residence from the drop down box and then enter your postcode (or zip code)
  • Next you are asked to select your current work status.
    • Selections are: Employed, Job Seeker or Student.
    • Your selection determines the fields you see next.
  • If you selected Employed the remaining fields you'll need to complete will be Job Title, Company and Industry. If you select that you are Employed and Self Employed, you'll need to complete Job Title and Industry fields.
  • When completed press 'Create My Profile'.
  • If you selected Job Seeker, you'll be asked to enter in your most Recent Job Title and Company and the Time Period. If you are a Job Seeker but also Self Employed, enter in your most Recent Job Title and the Industry that you are seeking work in. If you're not sure or looking for work in multiple industries, just select one and clarify what you're looking for by going back and editing your profile once your membership is established. Select the Time Period
  • When completed press 'Create My Profile'.
  • If you select Student you'll be asked to provide information on the name of your College/University (when you begin typing, you'll see a list of schools that matched what you typed. You can either select one or finish typing), and the dates you attended.
  • When completed press 'Create My Profile'.

4. You will then be presented with a message to let you know that a confirmation email has been sent to the email account you just registered with. You may receive this email immediately or it could take several minutes. Once you receive the message, all you need to do is:

  • Click the link in LinkedIn's confirmation email message.
  • Log in to LinkedIn with the login you just created.
  • Start using LinkedIn!

Once you are logged in, you can add a whole variety of information to your profile. Some of the things you can add include the basics of your resume, a summary about yourself, your contact information, links to your website and more.

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