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How To Set Up Your SJ4000 As A Dash Cam

Updated on May 10, 2016

SJ4000 Dash Cam Set Up

How To Set Up Your SJ4000 As A Dash Cam

The SJ4000 is a cheap alternative to the go pro and many other sports cameras. I have had mine for about 1 month now. I have written a few hubs about this product and would definitely recommend it. It is a lot better value for money in my opinion go pros and other action cameras are just too over priced. My SJ4000 cost me 65 USD with shipping included. The Go Pros cost around 400-500 dollars if I remember correctly. But enough about that you can here to find out how to set up your sj4000 action camera as a dash cam. It is very easy to do and I will show you what you will need and also how to set it up.

What You Will Need To Set Up Your Sj4000 Dash Cam

First the most obvious thing you will need to set up your dash cam is the SJ4000 action camera. The next thing you will need is a suction mount which can be purchased very cheaply on amazon, Aliexpress etc. I purchased mine for around 3 USD from Aliexpress with shipping included. The next thing you will need is a USB charger that plugs into your car lighter. You also have to put your sj4000 into a non water proof case which you should get when you purchase your sj4000 however I am not sure if they are all the same. I will leave a picture below of the case in which you will need to put your camera.

Non Waterproof Case

Setting Up Your Dash Cam

Now that you have got a suction cup mount you have to press the bottom suction part up against the wind screen and then flip the switch and it should stay in place. View my video below so that you can see how it is done. Now you should be able to screw your case into the suction cup mount. Don't forget to plug your USB charger into your camera so that when you turn your car on the camera has power and never runs out of battery life.

SJ4000 Camera Dash Cam Mode

Now you want to go into your settings in your SJ4000 and correctly set up for dash cam recording. To get into the settings just press the power button on the front of the camera until you reach the settings page. Now scroll through until you find "car mode". Select card mode and then select the on button to enable car mode. This will make it so that it will write over old footage when the SD card is full. So don't forget to download the footage straight away to computer if you capture some good footage.

Don't forget to see my video below which shows you step by step how to set up your sj4000 dash cam for a very cheap price. I have also left all of the links in the description of my video so that you can find all of the products which you will need. Thanks for reading my hub and I hope you have a good day.

How To Set Up Your SJ4000 As A Dash Cam Video


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