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How To Simplify Your Travel Using Technology

Updated on June 17, 2013
Technology For Travelers
Technology For Travelers

How Technology Assists Business Traveler

Haven’t you noticed some people while traveling? They don’t even notice what is happening around them. They may be sending mails from their smart phones or net book, preparing presentations for a meeting, doing their office works etc. In between such activities they may also check the GPS to find out where they have reached now… Don’t misunderstand such people to be showing off. They are actually doing their job with out wasting even a single second of their travel.

Normally a businessman spends 50% of his time for traveling. If this time is used in a valuable manner with the help of modern technology, the works can be finished in a better manner than done in an office. Some gadgets are being introduced here that would be really very useful for businessmen who have continuous traveling. Using these gadgets in an appropriate manner so that it helps you in your business is of more importance.

Technology and its massive Impact on the Travel Experience

Technology For Business Travelers

Technology For Business Travelers
Technology For Business Travelers

Technology For Travelers

Smart phone

Smart phone is actually a small computer.

Even without taking net book or tablet, internet can be used at any place and important mails can also be read through this device. Hence a smart phone is very essential for you even if you possess any number of high tech appliances. Even though smart phones are now available below Rs.10, 000, Blackberry, eye phone or smart phones working with android operating system are suitable for businessmen.

Laptop/ Net book/Tablet

Laptops are very essential for works to be done for a long period of time and that needs complex soft wares. Only this can preserve a large amount of data. Laptops are essential for files to be opened and functioned in different formats.

Pocket projector

In India, Esar provides Pocket projector into the market. If you have to prepare a lot of presentations as a part of your job, a pocket projector would be your best travel mate that you need to possess necessarily. Common projectors may not be able to work as efficiently as your laptops. If you possess this small device you needn’t worry about any technical problems and do your presentation works wherever you are. Different brands of pocket projectors are now available in the market.

Flash Drive

It is a simple and small device that can be used to store useful information or to connect with laptop or computer when necessary, to take back information from them. High storage capacity flash drives are now available below Rs.500. If backup is taken and saved in the important data flash drive, there is no fear of losing data even if some damage may occur to your laptop.

Bluetooth Head set

Bluetooth Head set is a small useful device that can be placed in the ears and attend the calls even without touching your phone. You should be some where near the phone. Since both your hands are free you can do any other things while talking. Its starting rate is Rs.1500 and is available in almost all it shops in Kerala.

GPS navigation

In spite of a device that can be used in vehicles, it is a device that has to be possessed while traveling in trains and aero planes. GPS can show way when you are in an unknown place and ensure your safety. If a taxi driver in any other country takes you through a different way you can find that easily using this device. GPS will start showing your way if you download the place where you are going in the Google map and preserve it into this device. GPS can be used also in phones.

Technology has developed a lot and a number of devices have come into the market that is meant to make our lives easier and better. The gadgets mentioned above are those that are very useful while you travel. The details and the way it could be used are mentioned above. In this modern era, it is very necessary that we possess anyone of these devices according to our personal or official requirements.


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