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How To Speed Up Your Computer In Just a Few Steps

Updated on September 12, 2013

Want to Speed up your computer to improve PC Performance? You can easily speed your computer up by doing a number of things like checking for system errors, disk cleaning, and even reinstalling the operating system. Just like our own memory, a computer compiles over thousands of data weekly. It is always a good idea to go through your most recent activity like Internet history, cookies and so on. To speed up your PC, you will also need a reliable program to rid of any trojans or viruses that may slow down your computer.

Uninstall Any Programs You Don't Use

Make sure you uninstall any used programs. While you may not use the programs, it can slow down the system and decrease PC performance. There is a good possibility if you have many programs that you have not used in awhile, that by deleting them it will speed up your computer drastically. If you don't know how to do this, navigate to your "Start" and choose "Control Panel" option. You will now see a list of options, so click on "Add or Remove Programs".

Avoid Automatic Start Up For Programs

When you install new software, make sure you never set it to start automatically. The reason why is because when you are turning on your computer, and you have numerous software starting on auto, it is using up RAM also known as system resources. This in turn will make your computer run slowly, and you may have to wait 5 minutes each time you restart - depending on the severity.

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Speed Up Your Computer by Deleting Cookies / Internet History

Delete all of your Internet History and Cookies. Your computer is a vast piece of machine which records each website you visited throughout the day, months, and years. If you have not deleted your internet history for four months, imagine what your computer would be like! To speed up your computer, here is the procedure when deleting cookies or files. In Internet Explorer, navigate to "Tools", and choose "Delete All Cookies". There is also an option to check for deleting files too. I suggest you do both if you want to speed up your PC.

Using Defrag

Defragment should be done once a week. Your computer automatically stores all information in different places throughout the computer. So, if you downloaded a copy of the latest Ebook file - there is a good chance that it is not just located in your documents folder. The convenience of defragmenting means you get to put all your info in one place. This will improve PC performance as a result.

Reinstall Your Operating System

Still no luck on speeding up your computer? You may want to reinstall the operating system. You'll need to back up all of your data like school essays, design files, passwords, programs, etc. Make sure you do this because once you reinstall the operating system, you'll need to wipe the hard drive to reinstall. The wonderful thing about doing this is that it can actually shave off a few years for a 5 year old computer.


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