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How To Stop & Block Nuisance Phone Calls

Updated on November 10, 2015

Unwanted phone calls can be a real nuisance. I am sure that at least once in your life you have wondered... Is there anything I can do about them? Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this article, right? Don't worry, if you’re fed up receiving these nuisance calls there is much you can actually do.

How to deal with live calls

When dealing with a live marketing call from a particular company, the first course of action is to ask them to simply stop calling you. If you have time in your hands you can even write a letter requesting that you no longer wish to be called.

Remember, when a company makes a live marketing call to you, the calling agent must supply you with his/her name and the name of his company and when asked the address as well. Make sure you ask for all these details first. Then ask to speak with the supervisor, ask again for credentials and politely (but with a serious tone) tell him that you don’t wish to be contacted again by them. Also ask for your details to be removed from any database they might be in. When talking be professional, formal, assertive and slightly suggest that you are even willing to take legal measures if they don’t obey.

Tip: Don’t be rude. Most people at call centers hate their job and chances are that they will help you if you show the appropriate respect.

Use search engines against automated marketed messages

Sometimes you will get a marketing call with a pre-recorded message that leaves you with no option to talk with an actual human being. All you have to do is google the number who is calling you and see what companies or websites are associated with that number and repeat the same process described in the live calls. If this doesn’t work, use a phone number directory to do a reverse phone lookup. If the call came from an "unknown" number but the message mentioned the name of the company calling you, try using a company phone directory to get the details.Hopefully any of the two will return you a contact number, mobile number, address, city, state, carrier and more.

Other times search engines and phone number directories won’t give you any contact info. However, if you do some digging in search engines you might find forum posts and blogs where people have discovered the details of the annoying caller.

Tip: If you have no number and no company name try googling a part of the recorded message!

Get on the Do Not Call Registry

This is a registry, exclusively for U. S residents, that lists numbers that don’t want to receive unsolicited calls by telemarketers. You can register by calling (888) 382-1222. It is estimated that people on this list receive approximately 80 percent less unwanted calls.

Similar registries exist in other countries too. For example the “Telephone Preference Service” (TPS) in the United Kingdom. You can call to 0345 070 0707 if you wish to register your number or request a complaint form.

By adding your number in a do not call registry you cut most of the unwanted calls right at the source!

Tip: Try googling first your name and then your phone number to see if these two appear on any online business or contact phone directories. If they do, contact the webmaster and ask for your details to be removed.

Video about TPC

Block Unknown Numbers

Often marketing and other companies will hide their number when calling you. However, this can be a double-edged sword for them. All you have to do is block unknown calls in your home.

As for smartphones, there are numerous applications that can automatically block calls from hidden numbers. Often, these apps come with a list of known numbers used by calling centers and block them, again an automatic process.

Call control for Android and Call Bliss are two such examples.

Use custom calling services for your landline

The majority of phone companies provide a wide range of call blocking and screening services. Sometimes these services are free or come with a small monthly fee. Call your company to learn the available services. Some of the usual options are:

  • Call Screen: blocks calls from specific numbers and sends caller to a prerecorded message)
  • Priority Ringing: Special ringtone service for individual numbers. You can silence unavailable calls and calls from unlisted numbers if you wish
  • Call Return: Allows you to call the last person who called you even if it came up as "private" or "unavailable.

Useful Links and Do Not Call Registries in Other Countris

1) You can use this site to find the number and details of any company in the United States
2) Number directory for UK based businesses and companies

Here is a short list of some Foreign Do Not Call Registries

  • Do Not Call Register (Australia)
  • National Do Not Call List (Canada)
  • New Zealand Name Removal Service
  • Do not disturb registry (India)
  • Do Not Call Registry (Singapore)


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