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How To Sync Your iPhone In iTunes-What Is Syncing Anyway?

Updated on December 11, 2013

When you received your beautiful state of the art device, you were told you had to sync your iPhone.

How Do I Sync My iPhone? What in the world does that mean? And why should I do It? Why didn't you do it? Can't I just make a call?

Ok...take it easy this will be easier than setting up the new flat screen TV.

What Is Sync Anyway?

Syncing is when your iPhone and the contents on your computer merge or marry. You will be able to access your content easily and manage what you want on your iPhone.

Imagine your bookmarks, emails, contacts,pictures and what ever instantly updated to your iPhone! This is an awesome feature! No more running back to your computer. You will be carrying all your information with you.

How To Sync Your iPhone On iTunes

Your phone should be activated before going to sync it. After it is activated use you usb plug to connect to your computer.

Your phone should be automatically syncing. Select the box to automatically sync whenever you are on this website.However the option is up to you.

You will be able to see all of the content iTunes has found on your computer. You will be able to check whatever you want on your iPhone by clicking "Apply". Pretty much the same way you select your email you want to delete.

I suggest you choose just your favorite songs. The iPhone doesn't have the same capacity as an iPod. You can select playlist or not to download any music at all. (Yeah right)

You will have to re-sync for music and podcasts when you are syncing. They will not automatically sync on iTunes.

What Else Can I Sync On My iPhone?

  • Pictures
  • Video's
  • Podcasts

Remember to select apply when making your selections while syncing.When you are finished choosing click the sync icon at the bottom right to re-sync your iPhone with iTunes. Congratulations! You can now teach others How To Sync There iPhone To iTunes.

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