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How To Take A Screenshot Of Your LG Optimus L5 Screen

Updated on September 13, 2013

The L5

The LG Optimus L5, a value for money choice for users who want a stylish, reliable smartphone running Android 4.
The LG Optimus L5, a value for money choice for users who want a stylish, reliable smartphone running Android 4.

The Optimus L5 - Android Smartphone

The Optimus L5 is a medium range Android smartphone manufactured by the Korean LG Electronics. The L5 is the middle choice in the L series, with the other two options being the entry-level L3 and the more advanced L7. L5 comes with a single core 800 MHz CPU and the popular Adreno 200 graphics unit, 512Mb DDR2 Ram and a 4 inch TFT screen and runs Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich). First released in the markets in June 2012, it was an excellent choice, balancing medium to high performance and a definite value for money and sold many copies throughout the world before its successor, L5 II was released.

The L5 II offers small enhancements on design, a transition to the most recent Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, an improved resolution IPS screen and a slightly faster processor (rated at 1 GHz).

What Is A Screenshot

Screenshot is a term first used by computer users many years ago - it refers to the action of taking a "shot" of the screen of the computer at a particular desired moment, thus capturing what the screen showed at that moment into an image file which can be kept, saved or shared with other users.

On a Wndows system, a screenshot can be taken by pressing the key PRTSCR on the keyboard; when this key is pressed, the current screen view (the main window, the taskbar, the Windows tray and in general everything the monitor shows) is kept at clipboard. The user can paste it into a simple multimedia application, for example MS Paint and then save it as standard image filetypes jpeg or bmp.

Essentially, a screenshot eventually is an image and can be shared or saved/copied/moved same as any other picture or photo on your system.

LG L5 Screenshots

Taking a screenshot with your LG Optimus L5 is as easy as pressing two keys: One is the Home button, which is located at the front of the phone and is the main function button of the device; the other is the Power button, located at the phone's top side.

When these keys are pressed simultaneously, the phone takes a shot of the current screen view and saves it in Gallery - you will be notified of the capture from the flash of your phone screen and the camera shutter sound.

Of course, once the screenshot has been saved, the user can share the image same as any other image. This is what most users prefer to do with a screenshot; a new high score in a game, a high achievement or a rare application occurrence is an excellent moment to save in a screenshot. Nevertheless, a smartphone screenshot can also be a useful way to troubleshoot phone problems with the help of online phone communities.

Screenshots In Cell Phones

Evolution in cell phones has brought us some fine electronic devices with impressive screens, both of size and viewing quality. It is no surprise that smartphones soon came to implement some forms of screenshot captures; the screens have gone bigger, the resolutions and quality allow many things to be viewed at once and of course, games and other applications can have great use of screenshots for saving or sharing purposes.

Taking a screenshot can be done by a dedicated app; Google Play is full of applications which allow taking a shot of the screen, some even make it easier by adding particular gestures to activate it - for exmaple, with some apps you can simply give your phone a shake, and the screenshot is taken and saved without other user intervention. Thing is, there are so many apps and so many things that are interesting in the market, that users would prefer to save the space for other apps, especially if their advice allowed other forms of screenshot capturing.

Well, the L5 does implement a screenshot option right out of the factory, so a dedicated application is not essential.


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