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Desktop Background - Trick Your Friend

Updated on February 11, 2013

The Computer Desktop Background/Wallpaper

The Wallpaper refers to pictures, graphics or even plain color applied on the computer desktop. Most Operating Systems will come with their inbuilt wallpapers but one can add more to the folder containing the backgrounds. They make our background look attractive to view and work on.The wallpaper can say much about the user for i believe you cannot work with a background which you don't feel comfortable. Some will put celebrities, cars, nature scenes or any other collection. Wallpapers can also be downloaded from the internet. The following steps can be used to apply a prototype of your current background and watch as your friend struggle to work on the dead icons.

A Prototype Background

This is the background we are to use to appear exactly as the whole desktop together with the icons in that computer. To do this, we are to use either a screen capture software or use the print screen key on the keyboard. A screen capture is a software that you use to capture images on the computer screen. One can download some of these softwares from the internet for free. In this hub, am going to assume none of us has a screen capture so we are to use the print screen key which is on every keyboard, and most people don't know its use.

  1. Close all the running programs in the computer to be left with only the background and the icons.
  2. Press the Print Screen key once (Print Scr, Prt Sc), its positioned at the top right of the keyboard. You have now captured a shot on the desktop and we need to paste the image in an image editor program.
  3. Right click on the desktop and point to New then Bitmap Image
  4. Click outside and don't rename it as renaming it can cause it not to open with the intended program.
  5. Open the bitmap image and right click inside then choose Edit.
  6. In the editor that appears, Click on Edit Menu and choose Paste. The image you had captured using the Print Screen button is now pasted there.
  7. Click on File>Save As and type a name for the image and select the location you want to save it in. Place it somewhere your friend may not find it easily.
  8. Click on File again and choose, "Set as Desktop Background Centered". Close the editor and go back to the desktop. This time you will find like every icon has been duplicated, yet one of the copies cannot be dragged. This is the image now we want to remain with.
  9. Right-Click on the desktop, Point to Arrange Icons By then uncheck the Show Desktop Icons option. This will make the Icons not to be displayed on the desktop yet when you look on the desktop you can see the icons from the background image.

LOL..Laugh Out Loud

After this, wait as your friend comes to try to open the icons on the desktop yet nothing happens. He tries to drag them but, oh..can't move. It's your turn to Laugh Out Loud as you have played a trick on him. Follow the normal procedures for changing a desktop background incase you need to remove it. To replace the icons, Right-Click on the Desktop, Point to Arrange Icons By then choose Show Desktop Icons. Have a lovely time full of LOL.


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