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How to Fit Any Photo on Instagram without Cropping Using iPhone

Updated on November 28, 2014

The Problem: How to Upload a Non-Square Photo Despite The Instagram Crop?

How do other people upload a photo like this onto Instagram? The photo sharing site doesn't allow you to upload anything that isn't square:

Solution: Download the Easy Square App

The simplest way to get your photo to fit is to get an app that let's you upload the photo (we're using "Easy Square" that only costs $0.99 to have no ads and support the developers).

You can download Easy Square from the Apple App Store.

Load Your Photo Into the App

Open the app and press the photo library button (the button on the top left that looks like a book):

Choose A Background Colour

The app automatically adds the white sidebars to your photo to make it square.

Leave the background color white if you want the photo to blend into the white background of Instagram. Otherwise you can choose black if you like.

When you're ready, press the Instagram button to send your picture (now made into a square) to Instagram:

Send Your Newly Squared Photo To Your Instagram App

Press this button to confirm you want to send your newly squared picture your Instagram app.

You're now leaving the Easy Square app and your square photo will open in your Instagram app:

Edit with Instagram As Usual

The photo is now sent to your Instagram app and you can edit it as you please.

Note, if you use a white background and choose an effect other than the untouched, "Normal" effect, you'll tint the white background bars as well because the effects apply to the entire image.

Voila! That's all there is to it, now your entire beautiful photo is displayed to all of your followers.


Beating Instagram Crop: Upload Photos Without Cropping on Instagram using Easy Square iPhone App


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