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How To Upload Your Own Favicon On Blogspot

Updated on June 30, 2014

One of the wonderful features on Blogger is that you can easily add your own favicon, without any coding! This is great to enhance your blog's brand and make your site look more professional.

Change your favicon to something that matches your brand.
Change your favicon to something that matches your brand. | Source

What Is A Favicon?

If you run any type of website you've probably heard the term before, but you may be wondering what it is.

Favicon stands for 'Favourites Icon' and is a little graphic that can help readers identify your link quickly in their Favourites or Bookmarks list. Check out your favourite websites, changes are they have a distinctive favicon of their own.

You can see a site's favicon on your favourites/bookmarks list, on each browser tab and next to the website URL.


Reasons To Change Your Blog Favicon

Unique favicon's are a fantastic way to strengthen your brand and add a professional touch to your site, as well as helping readers to remember you.

If you choose not to change your Blogspot favicon that's OK, but you will have the big orange B everyone is familiar with already and screams 'I'm using a free blog'. By adding your own favicon you are saying that you are not just another blogger blog and are serious about your site.

As it gets seen a lot, it makes sense to have a unique favicon for your blog. Reader's will get to recognise you quickly and trust you more as a writer.


Designing Your Favicon Graphic

Favicons are small~ 16x16 pixels or 32x32 pixels and you don't have a lot of room to play. Keep it simple and clean so it's easy to identify.

The most obvious choice would be a simple version of your blogs logo. If you don't have a graphic logo, take a lesson from the big names and use your blog name initials and main colours.

With blogger there is no need to convert your icon into any awkward file type. You can upload a GIF, JPEG or PNG file and if you would like a transparent background I suggest PNG for a clean look.

Create a graphic that is larger than needed, Blogger will scale it down. Just make sure it is square and the file size is less than 100KB.


Changing Your Blogspot Favicon

The wonderful people at Blogspot have made it very simple to change your favicon. You don't need to do any coding, just follow these easy steps...

  1. Once you are signed in to your blog, go to 'Layout' in the dashboard menu.
  2. At the top of the layout preview there is a box labeled 'Favicon' and in the bottom right of this box a link called 'edit'. Click this and a new window will open.
  3. Click 'Browse' and choose your favicon file.
  4. Blogspot will open a preview. If you are happy click 'Save', if not click 'Remove' and upload a new one.
  5. DONE! It can take a few minutes for the new favicon to show, but just refresh your blog page and you will see it update soon.

That's it! If you have any problems tell us about them below in the comments.



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