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How To Use Facebook In Google Plus

Updated on August 12, 2011

Google Plus has created a new wave in social networking. Google plus has lots of new features which other social networking platforms lack. A lot of the audience is turning towards the Google Plus because what it offers is so great.

Majority of us is on Facebook and including me lots of others do want to come to Google Plus, but there is a problem we also want to update our status :) plus there are some of us who want to bring the whole Facebook wall to Google Plus, which is possible.

Gladly, there is a solution to this problem.

You need to have Chrome browser and need to download just one extension. The name of extension is Google+Facebook. When you have installed the extension, then simply log in to your Google Plus account, there you will see a Facebook icon, it's just beside the friend circles.

There you go, now you can update your status to the Facebook and you can see your whole wall, which I find it very interesting.

Here is the link to it, if you are unable to locate it


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