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How To Use StumbleUpon Effectively

Updated on June 22, 2013

So, How Does StumbleUpon Work ?

Good question!

StumbleUpon, in a nutshell, is a community which shows people pages/sites first hand. This means that you get to see an actual page rather than seeing a link to the said page. These pages are brought to you by selecting your interests and then clicking upon the 'Stumble' button. When you are shown the pages that have been added to StumbleUpon (or have been "Stumbled") in your own interest selections you have the chance to give these pages a thumbs up, a thumbs down or you can just not rate it.

If you end up "following" specific people you can go to their space on StumbleUpon and see what they have given a thumbs up to and you can also see which pages they themselves have added or "discovered".

These two things are a great ways to bring traffic to your websites or hubs and it is worth investing some time in the process. Some people feel comfortable with StumbleUpon and some people just hate it. I believe that how ever you feel about it you should not dismiss the service without checking how much potential traffic StumbleUpon could bring your way.

How Can I Get Me Some Traffic!?

- Download the StumbleUpon toolbar. You should be given this option as soon as you sign up and if you have signed up already it should be pretty easy to locate. This makes the whole process a lot easier.

- You want returning traffic? You need followers & for that you need to be specific and remain within a specific niche interest. So, build your "friend" list like you want to build your bank balance, large. Get friends within your niche and they will more likely like what you "discover" and give it a thumbs up.

- Stay active, nobody likes someone gabbing on about everything and chasing money here, there and everywhere but nobody likes to follow someone who has nothing to say. Find the middle.

- Make your profile personal. Upload a picture, and change it every so often! Put as much information as you can in there so the profile has personality!

- Make sure you have something that people are going to click the thumbs up for. If all you are going to post is boring pages people will only stumble on past your page. You need something to make them stumbleers give you a thumbs up and therefore make your discoveries/pages you want people to see, hot. This will get you A LOT of traffic for A LOT longer.

- Put a Stumble button up on your website

- Label and tag correctly. There is nothing more I can say about this. It speaks for itself!


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    • LongTimeMother profile image

      LongTimeMother 5 years ago from Australia

      Sounds like a great idea. I will take a look, thank you. Voted up.

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 5 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Please do! And come back and let me know how you get on.

    • profile image

      Mark Vickers 5 years ago

      I shall try your theories later today.