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My review of

Updated on October 25, 2016


Searching an entity has become easy with internet. It has made the world a small global village where we can easily access the information about any entity or person in question. The same thing happens in case of finding property ownership online which not only saves our time but it brings us a large amount of relevant information from different sources into our fingertips. In this article, I am going to explain the various benefits of searching property records online and share my personal experiences with them. I hope that you will enjoy reading my article!

How it works for me

It is always good to do an in-depth research before making any property offers because it helps us in knowing the seller's equity position. In addition to that, the knowledge about lien, foreclosure and tax status of the property can help us in making a better bid if the property is for sale at an auction.

Many online property search websites are available to help us in getting the right information about the property we are looking for. However, I found that is useful for finding information about properties online while I was studying in the United States. I just need to type in the address of the property in the title search tool to find an entity and obtain information on property transfers, tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, lis pendens, foreclosure activity, 1st and 2nd mortgages including delinquent tax amounts etc.

I am able to know more about the property before I rent it for my personal stay. The simple and user friendly search feature has provided me all the information including reliable property data, document images, all recorded documents, and land records of the property. The customer support service is also very responsive to my queries. The website is sleek in design and user-friendly. The website also owns a blog which features several interesting posts that increase my knowledge on online privacy and refine my online records searching skills. I found that "How to find information about a house" particularly useful to me. This particular post also introduces other websites that do the same job so that I can compare the records from different websites for reliability.

It saves time and money

Why it saves time and money? Well, I can search for homes that meet the specific requirements without wasting time looking at properties that I don't need. Such searches also makes me a real estate agent without having to spend money to hire another one. Internet property search also connects buyers and sellers directly without any middlemen in between. However, if I do not know what type of properties I wanted to search, I can compare countless properties simultaneously and find that one that I need.

Besides, I encounter an interesting property advertisement or property on sale beside the road or inside a hypermarket, I can always open my phone browser and start searching. This means that I can search property on the go, no matter where I am! Therefore, instead of wasting time dreaming or wandering around, I can fully utilize my time to do something useful!

Property under construction

Property under construction
Property under construction | Source

Estimating real estate value

Using checkthem, I can know the value of residential or commercial property by comparing the sales of similar properties within a specific area like subdivision, neighborhood or within a radius from the interested property. The valuation of properties are based on stored property sale records such as MLS (Multiple listing service) and FSBO (For sale by owner).

Knowing the real estate value would prevent me from buying an overpriced property. The information about the desired property can help me in negotiating better when I meet the seller. I can also make informed decisions before an agreement is reached. payment page


Knowing foreclosure status of a property

Foreclosure is a process of transfer of ownership rights from the property owner to the bank or lender and it generally happens when the owner is unable to pay the mortgages. It is very important to know about the foreclosure status of a property to avoid any forge selling by the owner. Using checkthem, I can know the activity status of a property and also about the stages of foreclosure of a property. There are four stages of foreclosure:

  • Notice of default
  • Pre-foreclosure
  • Auction
  • REO (bank owned)

The records of foreclosure contains auction location, date, trustee and bank contact information. I can also get to know from the report that if the property is up for sale by the bank. If the property is available for sale, then I can easily purchase the concerned property in an auction held by the bank below the market price.

Other information

Other relevant information that I can find are legal and vesting reports, tax deeds, tax liens, sale, mortgage and foreclosure details for residential and commercial properties.What are tax deeds and tax liens? Tax deeds is a certificate issued by the county once the property becomes delinquent due to non-payment of property taxes. The buyer of tax deeds will own the property. Meanwhile, for tax liens, it is basically the same thing except that the delinquent owner still owns the property but have to pay the tax lien owner all the taxes plus interest.

Besides, I can also know the location of the property concerned and its proximity to nearest amenities such as shopping complexes, connectivity to roads or train stations, schools, distance from the central business district, total available units, and the previous ownership of the property. A map will be helpful in finding these details.

Get started today!


Conclusion will charge US$ 1.99 during the 3 day free trial period. If you are interested to continue the membership, then the monthly membership fee is US$ 22.99. Therefore, if you are interested in any property, then don't just rely on property agent, spend some time to do your own research and grab the best deal for yourself!

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