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How To Use iPhoto to Resize Large Photograph Files for Third Party Email Program

Updated on December 10, 2013

Too Large Photograph to Send Via Email (Over 1 MB)

Our View Out Our Doorway - Large File
Our View Out Our Doorway - Large File | Source

Sending Photos Through Email

Do you send digital photos through email?

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Resizing Large Photographs for Email Programs

In the past, people used email for everything, including sending photographs to their family and friends. The files of those pictures were small because a digital camera pixel sizes were small. If you printed the photos, you would see the pixels as they tried to stretch them to fit a piece of paper. Normally, the photographs would be wallet or postcard size.

As digital cameras became larger in pixel size, smaller as a point and shoot camera, and cheaper in price, more and more people took digital photographs.

But how to share? Many went onto Facebook to share, occasionally going on other sites. However most people still sent pictures to their friends via email.

Cameras and phones nowadays can be upwards of 12 megapixels (or larger) and sending one or two large sized pictures can slow down your own computer and create havoc to your friends and family. Not everyone lives in a high-speed internet connection urban area and download speeds can greatly vary over WiFi connections.

The trend for most digital photographs is to place them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Yet there is another little tag present on almost all social media: the email. MacBook Pro and other Mac devices integrate iPhoto to the Mail system. If you do not use the mail system through Apple or you want to get pictures from your camera and adjust them in another photography or graphics program, “How to Use iPhoto to Resize Large Photograph Files” article will be perfect for you.

Small Photo Perfect for Sending Via Email to Family and Friends

Our View Out Our Doorway - Small File
Our View Out Our Doorway - Small File | Source

Created a Movie with iPhone 4

iPhoto '11 Version 9.5

5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of iPhoto '11 version 9.5

What you need before getting started

  • The software needed is iPhoto ‘11 version 9.5, however, you can also use version 9.0, although it is a little different.

Using the software just by itself would be a series of articles so we will just use this for the resizing of photographs.

  • Hardware needed for the project includes a computer or laptop. Personal preference is a MacBook Pro laptop or Mac device while others might enjoy a Windows-based personal computer (PC) and Apple software.

iPhoto is one of the best software programs for simple modifications to your pictures.

  • Along with the computer of choice, you need a cable to connect the computer to the camera or iPhone.

It does not matter if you use a camera or iPhone, they take great pictures. We did an entire movie with an iPhone called Creating a Movie with an iPhone.

We will write the how-to on that movie another day.

What follows is the step by step directions on how to resize your pictures. If you have any questions or comments, please do so below.

Step 1 - Connection

Connection of iPhone and MacBook Pro
Connection of iPhone and MacBook Pro | Source

Step 2 - iPhoto on Screen

Step 1 iPhoto on MacBook Pro
Step 1 iPhoto on MacBook Pro | Source

9 Steps to Resized Photographs

Acronyms in the Step by Step instructions: iPhoto is software used, iPhone/camera is device used, and MacBook Pro is laptop used.

1. Find your pictures on your iPhone or camera and connect your cable to the MacBook Pro or other Mac computer. Using a PC computer is fine; make sure you have iPhoto ‘11 installed.

2. iPhoto will automatically pop up. (If it does not, go to iPhoto and click on it)

3. Click on the first picture you want to import and holding down the shift key, click on the last picture to import. Click on the blue button: Import Selected (see below for the picture)

Step 3 - Choosing Photos to Import

Step 3 - Importing Pictures to an Album
Step 3 - Importing Pictures to an Album | Source

Step 5 - Clicking on Events

Seeing the New Event
Seeing the New Event | Source

Step 6 - Deleting a Digital Photo

Deleting a Photo from the Album
Deleting a Photo from the Album | Source

9 Steps to Resized Photographs (cont.)

4. It will ask if you want to delete those pictures from your iPhone or camera. It is up to you but I would delete them. They are now on your computer in iPhoto library.

5. Click on Events to see your Albums of pictures including the pictures you just imported from your phone. Double Click on the Event to see the pictures.

6. You can decide if you really want a picture. If you do not, right click and a menu comes up, click Trash. A pop up window will state are you sure?, and you click Delete Photo.

7. You decide to make changes to the other pictures, such as checking for red eye or rotating the picture. Click on the picture, then click on the Edit button (with the pencil). Then you can make your changes. See picture below:

Step 7 - Making Changes to the Photos

Making Changes with the Edit button
Making Changes with the Edit button | Source

Step 8 - Sharing to Facebook or with MacBook Mail

Sharing Digital Photo to Facebook or Mail
Sharing Digital Photo to Facebook or Mail | Source

9 Steps to Resized Photos (cont.) Facebook or MacBook Mail

8. Once done with enhancing the pictures you can share them. For those with Facebook or Mail through the MacBook/Mac device, click on Share and choose your option:

  • You can change the size within the email by clicking on Optimized, and choosing a different size: Small, Medium, Large, Actual Size.
  • Start typing in the names in the to area and names will pop up from your address book.
  • Select the names and click send.
  • You might have “iPhoto wants to use your confidential information stored in “you outgoing mail service” in your keychain.
  • Click Allow and your email will be sent. You might want to put some text in there too.

iPhone for Photos and Movies to Share

Step 9 - Resizing Photos for 3rd Party Email Programs

Give the Event A Name
Give the Event A Name | Source

Step 9A - Export Event

Export Albums Dialog Box
Export Albums Dialog Box | Source

Step 9B - Export Small

Small File Size Yet Still Differentiating Between the Large and Small File Sizes
Small File Size Yet Still Differentiating Between the Large and Small File Sizes | Source

9 Steps - Resized Photos (cont.) Resizing Photos to Third Party Email Programs

9. For those with a third party email program like Outlook or want to use these pictures in a blog or website, then you want to export the pictures and store photos in the “My Pictures” area.

  • Click on All Events and select the event; click underneath the event and give it a name. Click on the event again, and you will see it has been named. (Step 9 Picture)
  • Click on File, Export. You will see the Export box. (Step 9A Picture)
  • You will be Exporting a JPEG file (your pictures).
  • JPEG Quality will be either Large or Maximum
  • Include the Title and Keywords and Location information by clicking on the small box
  • Size: Small: 320x240; Medium: 640x478; Large: 1280x956 and Full Size is huge! 2592x1936. Your numbers might be different depending on the camera’s megapixels. But you get the idea. Small and medium are great for emails, Large and Full Size are great for showcasing on a website or slide show after showing the thumbnail (small size).
  • File Name: If you want to keep the same name for the files, then use title or filename. If you want sequential you put in a Prefix for sequential. Album name with number after the name is the last one.
  • Subfolder format: this one is new for iPhoto. I would strongly encourage you to use it, as the event name. It will create a new folder inside of My Pictures area, which will then allow you to find your pictures easier and faster.

These are the steps and the reasoning. We will go through it twice: the directions below in the table are for quick resizing. Then below that is a video showing exactly how to do it.

Picture Step 9B - Export Small uses the same dialog box but slightly different for the Small File Sizes of your pictures.

----- Quick Step Guide -----

Large File Photo
Small File Photo
Click on your Album
Click on your Album
Click on File, Export
Click on File, Export
Kind: JPEG
Kind: JPEG
JPEG Quality: Maximum
JPEG Quality: Maximum
Include: Title and Keywords
Include: Title and Keywords
Location Information
Size: Large
Size: Small
File Name: Use filename
File Name: Sequential
Prefix for sequential: C
Subfolder Format: Event Name
Subfolder Format: Event Name
Click Export
Click Export
Click on Pictures and click OK
Click on Pictures and click OK
Pictures are in event name
Pictures are in event name
Quick Step Guide

Laura-n-Sasha Tutorial: How To Use iPhoto to Resize Large Digital Photograph Files

Why This Article Was Written

This article is for all those folks who want to share their great photos with family and friends. And the article is also for those family and friends who are getting huge emails especially during picture taking seasons. I wrote the article for my Dad, and I am confident it will be shared by all Dads, Moms, and other who want to help their family and friends with their pictures.

Once you get the hang of the new iPhoto software, you will find your photographs easier to manage and view for later use. And your family and friends can see what you have up to since the last email. Have fun and enjoy posting. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Happy picture taking!


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    • Laura-n-Sasha profile imageAUTHOR

      Laura Jevtich 

      5 years ago from Any Town, USA

      Thanks Dad! We can't wait to see some of your pictures soon!

    • profile image

      Dad C 

      5 years ago

      Very clear and concise. Great job. I will use this quite often.


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