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How To Write Articles For Your Blogs

Updated on September 23, 2010

Writing For Blogs

You might have come across a lot of web pages belonging to different categories. There are so many types such as commercial websites which includes Affiliate Sites, make money online sites, product review pages, presell pages, and many more. Now there is another class of web pages known as blogs.

Actually, it is after the emergence of blogs that people started classifying web pages into basically two types and they are Blogs and Commercial Websites. So blogs created a revolution in webpage creation and maintenance. The interval of posting, updating content of a site and related tasks gained a new style.

So writing articles for your blogs is entirely different from that of your commercial websites. And we have to take a few steps into consideration while posting articles on your blogs. It doesn’t matter whether they are self written or not. But you have to tweak it in some manner to make everything work as expected. So just remind the following tips to while writing articles for your blog.


  1. Just plan briefly what you are going to write about. It is highly appreciable if you are planning to write an article which is nowhere available in the net. But most of them, we won’t be able to run faster than Internet. So just do it in a unique manner making the readers believe that the content is really hot.
  2. Based up on the niche or content of your website, think exactly like your readers do. There is nothing difficult to do here. You have to borrow readers’ mindset for a while when providing them something cool. You must prepare a list of questions in your mind - How a reader would approach, how would he/she take this into consideration, are you providing them what they need, are they able to follow you and your style, etc.     
  3. Make your titles really compelling. A reader or a visitor must think that your article is worth reading. So you have to tweak your caption and titles in such a manner that attracts most of the visitors. 
  4. Make them stay in your blog by pointing them to the related posts and articles at the end of your article. You must arrange these elements in such a way that a visitor having no time would at least bookmark your blog for future reference. You can achieve this also with your title tweaks as mentioned earlier.

So think in a reader’s point of view while writing your articles for blog. Otherwise, you may miss a lot of visitors even though you have really good content in your blog.


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