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How Use an RSS Feed With Twitter

Updated on January 13, 2013

How to add RSS feed to twitter ?

Copy the RSS feed URL and save it in a text file. There are many sites that allow you to integrate RSS feed with your twitter, here I'm going to introduce you to an app named IFTTT (If This Then That). I have mentioned it in 1 of my previous hub. Create an account in it (its easy)

  • Once you have created an account, log in to that site and on top of that site you'll see an option create click on that and you'll see a this option click it and select feed
  • Now you'll see an option to choose the trigger , choose new feed item and enter the feed URL which you have previously saved in the text file
  • Once you have entered you RSS feed URL you'll see a that option then choose twitter from the list (if you haven't activated your twitter with it, it will ask you to activate it), and choose the action you want to perform
  • you can post a tweet, update bio or update profile pic via your RSS feed, once you choose the action you can also add what you want to tweet ie entry title, entry content, link, authors name, published date etc
  • Or you can click here and use the recipe i created in ifttt

Now you have successfully added your RSS feed with twitter.

Can i add my RSS feed to twitter without any third party apps ?

The answer to that is sadly no. You should have to relay on third party apps to use it with twitter


You can schedule when to tweet your new rss content if you link your IFTTT account with Bufferapp

Do have an account in IFTTT?

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