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How VoIP Helps in Customer Retention

Updated on September 19, 2011

Employees Leaving with all your clients?

Marketing companies have always had a fundamental problem with their client management process. The key issue is how do you ensure that your customers remain loyal to you rather than the person with whom they're in touch with daily? Say you have a great sales person who handles a lot of accounts. That person becomes the focal point between the business they work for and the end client. If that person decides to leave one day, it's possible they can take their clients with them to wherever they're going and thus not only cost you business but also potentially benefit rivals.

Anyone who's seen the movie "Jerry Maguire" knows about the scenario where an employee is fired and threatens to take his business with him. It's not an easy problem for any firm because having a single point of contact with a client is beneficial for customer relations, but is also fraught with risks.

However thanks to technology like VoIP, we might be able to mitigate the impact of an employee defection. It won't guarantee that an employee won't be able to take their clients with them, but it certainly helps to cut off one access point.

VoIP Telephone Number to Keep your clients
VoIP Telephone Number to Keep your clients

The Flexible VoIP Number

If you have your VoIP implementation done correctly, you'll ensure that your employees use VoIP from every device they call, be it a telephone, a landline, or a PC. It's not difficult to implement a policy where every employee needs to use just one phone number for all their communication because of the undeniable benefits it has. After all, who wants to manage multiple devices all the time?

This VoIP number can be detached from a device at any time and reassigned to another one through a convenient GUI application. So when an employee leaves, all you have to do is transfer that number to the replacement for that person after giving them instructions that the clients of the ex employee will be calling them. If you then disable the account of the employee as soon as they leave, the process of transition will be seamless. All your customers will be redirected to the new employee without any action on your part. This can help to reduce the loss caused by the resignation of any given person.

Using an SIP account is simple and for reasons such as this, it's becoming the preferred communication model for all businesses. Apart from this, there is the added functionality such as hosted PBX HD voice services and all this combined makes it a killer application.


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