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How VoIP can benefit your business

Updated on December 16, 2010

Businesses using VoIP

These days we are beginning to see a tectonic shift in the communications infrastructure of businesses, both small and medium. VoIP, with its proliferation of service providers with innovative offerings has been making steep inroads into the territory traditionally occupied by telcos.

But many businesses are wary about taking the plunge because they're still unsure about what it really means for their organization. Will there be undesirable side effects? How will the benefits of VoIP translate into better profit margins for them? This article aims to highlight the various benefits of VoIP from a business perspective.

Cheaper Calling

The most obvious benefit of VoIP is the cheaper cost. Since it uses the existing Internet connection, you don't have to pay the costs of activating and maintaining a separate line. Even regular calls to telephone numbers are cheaper since the majority of the traffic flows over the Internet and only steps off onto the telcos network at the last possible moment.

The most dramatic difference of course comes when making overseas calls. The cost difference is tremendous and businesses can quickly begin to save large amounts of money if they deal with International clients or business partners.

Replacing the Old Telephone
Replacing the Old Telephone

Streamlining Communications

VoIP also allows you to provide a single telephone number for all marketing people. This allows you to balance your resources better and enables clear customer communication. In addition, you can also keep your existing customers whenever someone leaves your organization. It has a direct impact on customer retention.


Other benefits from VoIP can increase productivity such as having conference calls with HD voice and enabling the easy addition and removal of extensions. This is the "other" part of VoIP where it's not necessary to divert resources into maintaining, upgrading, and replacing a system that will go obsolete very quickly.

In hosted business IP PBX systems, the entire management of the communications infrastructure is taken out of your hands, much like your web hosting is likely handled by a third party. You don't have to bother with the management which is covered by a small monthly fee.

You can also extend VoIP into the mobile space. There are any number of mobile VoIP apps which work very well with a number of different providers. An added benefit is that you can record all incoming and outgoing calls made for legal purposes.

These are just a few ways in which VoIP can have a dramatic impact on your business and benefit your bottom line.


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