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How Well Do You Know Drupal. 10 Drupal Questions to Test Your Knowledge and Experience

Updated on March 27, 2012

Drupal's Complexity

Drupal is the most difficult to use out of all the content management systems, but a lot of major corporations are using it. It also has the longest learning curve for both web designers and web developers.

Drupal's most used terminology (and you can use this as a reference for the Drupal Quiz below) is mind boggling:

taxonomy, blocks, views, themes, overrides, modules, hooks, variables, etc.

Below is a Drupal Quiz that test the knowledge of all skillsets. The quiz below will tell you how well you know Drupal.

Learning Drupal is simple: Throw yourself to the wolves with a great Drupal 7 book

The Key To Getting Good At Drupal

Drupal is one of those systems that are daunting when you first look at it. You simply need to throw yourself to the wolves and just start using it on all your websites going forward.

For non-programmers

Learn how to use blocks, views, content types, taxonomy, and how to create content types. Also, learn how to use contributed modules (downloaded modules from other Drupal developers)

For programmers

Learn how to program modules, create configuration screens, understand hooks, and programmatically create blocks, views, and other automated Drupal features.

Again, learning Drupal is hard, but the key to learning drupal is simple: Throw yourself to the wolves.

Take the Drupal Quiz To See How Well You Know It.

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