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How, Where And When Do I Use Facebook Hashtags?

Updated on July 31, 2014

Hashtags are synonymous with Twitter.

Words or phrases prepositioned with the # symbol turn a basic word into a clickable, searchable and powerful trending tool.

We have recently seen their use extend to Google Plus and even Pinterest but now, they have been introduced onto Facebook.

Yes, Facebook hashtags are live.

They work, they are a fantastic concept and they are here to stay. As with any new rollout comes some common questions and privacy concerns.

Let's walk through some of the current pressing issues and alleviate any doubts you may have.

How To Use Facebook Hashtags

How will I know if I have hashtags working on my account?

  • When you write your next status update, type the # symbol, followed by a word. The word will start turning blue and then any words or phrases (no spaces) with # at the front will turn into links when published.

Can I Click On A Hashtag?

  • Once a status is published, and the hashtag link appears, it becomes clickable. When you click it, you will be shown a series of related posts live on Facebook that have the same hashtag in use.
  • Hashtags will also be searchable via the Facebook search box. Simply start typing # followed by a word or phrase of your interest, such as #HalloweenStories and any posts will show up.

Common Hashtag Questions

  • How will I know when I have hashtags on my account?
  • Where can I use hashtags? Where can I not use hashtags?
  • Can I use hashtags when acting as a business page?
  • How do I view hashtags outside the popup box?
  • How can I see popular or trending hashtags?
  • Who else can see my hashtags?
  • Hashtag stream algorithms and more...

Where do Facebook hashtags work as links?

  • Hashtags will work in any status update, both on Profiles and Pages, when commenting on status updates, when posting to groups and when commenting on group updates.
  • If you use the same Hashtag twice in any update or comment, only the first will link. So if you wrote #Cat #cat #cat, only first one will show up as a clickable link.

Where do Facebook hashtags not work as links?

There are three known areas on Facebook where the use of a hashtag will not turn into a clickable link:

  • Interest list names: If you make a list called Hello #Kitty, the list will appear as simply “Hello” and the # hashtag word will disappear.
  • Profile Username: Facebook usernames must contain valid characters. The # symbol is considered invalid.
  • Page Names: You can include hashtags in a page name, however they won’t become active links.

How can I open up a Facebook hashtag page instead of a popup box?

  • Facebook will automatically open a popup box if you click on a hashtag link. To go to a full hashtag stream without using a popup you can:
    • Search for the hashtag using #word.
    • Right click on the hashtag link and select “open in new tab” or “open in new browser”.

Are hashtags in order?

  • No, hashtags from your own posts, posts of friends or pages you follow will sometimes appear at the top of the stream. In general, the hashtag streams will follow Facebook's usual algorithms based on how relevant Facebook thinks each post is to you, so they may not always be in chronological order.

Will old use of hashtags be active?

  • No, currently only hashtags used since the rollout began will be linked. So if you have been using hashtags on Facebook in the past, or having them fed through via your use of Twitter or Hootsuite, then they will remain as unclickable words.

Hashtag Privacy

If I can see my hashtag can everyone else?

  • The only people who can see your statuses with hashtags are those who you allow to in your privacy settings. This is the same as a regular update, link or photo that you share online.
  • If you have your audience restricted to friends only, then only your friends will be able to see your hashtag posts.
  • Remember that if you search for #ChocolateRecipes and your results show names of people and statuses of people that you do not know, that is only because they have their settings to public! And just because you can see their updates, if yours are restricted to friends, then they cannot see yours.

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