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How Wireless Technology Has Improved the Quality of Patient Care

Updated on July 6, 2017

Wireless technology has been a great asset in the healthcare management. This involves the use of portable and handheld devices for communication. It involves setting up of mobile data transmission, record, and storage system in a health care setting to improve patient care (Nelson, 2013). The system delivers accurate data on the patient condition and makes it easy for the nurses to monitor the patient's status.

As reiterated by Guarascio-Howard (2011), a wireless system improves efficiency through prompt attention to patients, easy access and retrieval of patient data, transmission of patient information and monitoring of patient progress such as bedside alarms. This also results in flexibility and mobility of patient’s data administration. The quality of records is high due to the accuracy of data collected at the bedside, easy filing, little paperwork in drug administration, remote monitoring of patients and fast connection to the hospital network (Simpson, 2012). Patients are also able to schedule appointments with their health providers in an easy manner.

According to Vinson et al (2011), the adoption of this system has been held back by various factors. These includes, but not limited to the complex information issues related to compliance with stringent legal requirements, the high cost of implementation, limited training of the nurses on the system use and the perception that the technology reduces the personal contact between the nurses and patients.

Ways to enhance the use of this technology include; evaluation of strategies to reduce its cost, prioritized training nurses on the use of the system and updating the legal framework on the use of the technology in healthcare to match the increasing demands. Continued the utilization of technology will increase acceptability and thus, issues of perception will fade (Koutsouris, 2014).


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