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How You Can Make Your Own Website

Updated on March 7, 2014

Guide to Creating a Website

The question has been asked by so many peoples over internet that How they can make their own website to earn money from them.There are lots of people who are nowadays taking interest in blogging because it is boss less job and everyone likes BossLess Job.

I have created so many blogs and websites and blogging since last 3 years so have very good experience about SEO, blogging, internet marketing and I would like to share my own experience with blogging and want to help other bloggers who seriously wish to become blogger.

Update: I have left my job on 7th january 2014 to become full time blogger and right now I have been blogging on hubpages, Android Blog, Cool Website Review & WordPress SEO Blog. I have also been involved in serious affiliate marketing.


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How To Make Your Own Website

1.There are two types of blogs you can start with.The first one is free blog which is provided by Google.Yes, you can register free blog with or and start your blogging career.The second one is paid blog.You can buy your own hosting account and domain and start with it.

I would recommend you, blogger to start with.After gaining some experience with blogging, you can go for second option(Paid one).

You can setup your own WordPress hosting by using my service.I offer Free WordPress installation service to all interested bloggers.I decided to setup WordPress blog for free to my blog readers because I will get paid by hosting company where your blog would be hosted.All you have to do is signup for anyone of the following webhosts @ Bluehost / Hostgator / Dreamhost which are the best and affordable webhosting if you are interested to go for premium web hosting service.

2.After creating free/paid blog, choose the best template for your blog to make it look like a website.You can add some widgets like beautiful subscription widgets, Social sharing buttons to improve social interference.

3.Do some on page SEO for your blog.SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means to make your content easily searchable from search engine.SEO will make your content Search engine friendly and this way lots of organic traffic will come to your blog.

SEO includes link building which you can do with regular blog commenting on other blogs, bookmarking our content with other social bookmarking websites.

Guest posting is another way to get traffic from other popular blogs.Suppose you are posting a guest post on any popular blog like Ehowportal.It has xxx number of daily visitors along with good twitter followers and Facebook fans.So whenever you are publish any post on Ehowportal blog your post will be read by thousand of users of that blog and reader will love to visit your blog for more such cool topics.

There are various other SEO things that need to know are like Meta tag, tittle, image search engine optimization etc but as a beginners you can do only the above thing to get quick and instant traffic to your newly launched blog.

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If you want to do more SEO for your blog, you can submit your blog sitemap to Search Engine for better indexing.Submit your blog URL link to other major search engines and directories for faster indexing of your website.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

4.Now Apply for advertising network like Google Adsense, Chitika etc.The thing to be noted is that if you are receiving good amount of traffic to your blog, advertiser will automatically contact you for selling ads space from your blog and you can make huge bucks by selling ads space from your blog. If you are banned by Google Adsense, you can try Google adsense alternatives to make money online.

5.After getting approval from Google adsense, try to get more traffic by posting hot searched topic on your blog.Try to associate your Google adsense account with Hubpages and contribute on hubpages too.It will improve your blog traffic as well as Google adsense earning.

I am blogging since last two years and having good experience with blogging worlds as well as SEO world.I am sharing my own views and experience with fellow bloggers to get more from their blogging.

If you need anykind of help regarding content optimization for search engine, feel free to ask me by commenting below. I would love to help you.

Feel free to add me on Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube


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