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How a small business can use VoIP

Updated on December 23, 2010

Small Businesses and VoIP

In many ways, running a small business is more difficult that running a large corporation. Large firms have inertia based on the systems they have already built, whereas small ones have to develop those systems from scratch and suffer through all the concomitant mistakes they make.

One of these systems is of course the communications infrastructure. This is something of a knee jerk reaction for most businesses, but if a little bit of thought is put into it, small businesses can use VoIP systems to save hundreds of dollars a year and significantly speed up their business efficacy using the advanced features that VoIP provides.

Benefits of a small business using VoIP

Small businesses usually have a mobile set of employees who are more focussed on efforts such as marketing as compared to larger firms where people have a set routine in the office everyday. For such a set up, VoIP can deliver impressive benefits by integrating the various phones used by employees in the office and out of it. In addition, a company can maximize effectiveness by ensuring that sales calls for example are routed to all the sales people - and the person who answers first will attend to it. This will ensure that no call is wasted and that the response time is super quick!

The same logic can also be applied to other types of calls such as service requests which can be routed to the most available person.

Small Businesses and VoIP
Small Businesses and VoIP

Cost Savings and other features

Using VoIP, a company can focus on it's main business - getting ahead, instead of wasting precious time and resources on systems that are best outsourced. VoIP services for small businesses serve just this need, by outsourcing the communication infrastructure and all the associated headaches to those whose sole job it is to handle such things.

This not only leads to direct cost reductions as compared to PSTN systems, it also ensures that indirect cost savings are maximized. There are many providers offering PBX solutions with VoIP and each of them is different in their own way. The challenge is to find one that suits your business needs and one who is able to work with you under stressful circumstances.

So take note! VoIP is the future and more and more businesses are turning to it to save on costs and get better features. Don't lose a competitive advantage - as a small business, you can't afford to.


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      snagerries 7 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks for sharing this information on VOIP