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How can Vista be defended when even Intel rejects it?

Updated on July 13, 2008
Yeah, Mr. Clown Executive Orifice. That's about how big your a-- really is!
Yeah, Mr. Clown Executive Orifice. That's about how big your a-- really is!

When Coca-Cola changed the formulation of its classic soft drink to create the horrifically misbegotten New Coke in 1985 to a universal chorus of boos and catcalls, at least they had the common sense to agree that they had pulled a historical boner and bring the original flavor back. It seems that Microsoft's Clown Executive Orifice, the rather appropriately named Mr. Ball-me-r, has failed to learn from that important lesson in marketing history, just like he must have skipped class the day they taught how not to be an asinine, moronic, fatuous, harebrained, imbecilic, screwball bozo in front of the cameras when you have the number one executive job on the planet.

When all of the various factors are taken into consideration it is an inescapable conclusion that Vista should have been pulled from the market at RTM stage, let alone once it was released. Yes, there are some features in Vista that are improvements over XP, but they are very few and far between. Vista has mostly earned the reputation as a bloated, overweight, sluggish, glitchy pig of an OS and Microsoft's pathetic attempts to justify its existence have stripped the megacorporation of the last remaining molecule of respect that it had in the marketplace.

How bad is Vista? Well... Intel, who has had a decades long relationship with Microsoft where they have made countless billions off their synergy, has just decided that none of its 80,000+ employees with workstations will have Vista installed on them.

Intel allegedly drew the conclusion "that the cost of expensive hardware upgrades to cope with what some call Vista's 'bloat' or high memory, CPU, and graphics demands would simply be too costly for the small benefits provided." Now, keep in mind that this is Intel we're talking about. It's not like they have to log onto NewEgg and check around for specials on Intel CPUs and Motherboards to save $20.

For cryin' out loud! If Intel itself refuses to install this Obese System From Hell when Microsoft's OS are their primary reason for existence, why should I or the Ma & Pa business owner down the street even consider it? The answer is that there is no reason.

In an earlier Hub I had called for Windows to issue an XP SP3 which would have incorporated Vista's few "saving grace" features while maintaining XP's universality and stability. This SP3 would have been the stopgap until Microsoft could attempt to restore the faith of the computer buying public with a Windows Seven that would blow the socks off the planet and be the biggest paradigm shift since Windows 95, or even 3.1.

When Microsoft did release XP SP3, it was just a glorified bug fix, and they quickly announced that the company would no longer issue XP at all so that everyone could just stop bitching and install Vista... because they said so.

It's refreshing to see that mighty Intel which might be the last corporation on Earth that you would expect would give Microsoft's monolithic OS the finger, has told Mr. Ballmer to stuff his Vista where it can't be vistaed.

Any intelligent, knowledgeable computer user should follow Intel's lead. Vista is an unacceptable mess and it should be taken off the market now.


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